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2002 IA HS State Wrestling Podium Pic and Vid and Recap


  • Johnny Galloway Jr., Sr., Iowa City High
  • Grant Turner, Sr., Johnston
  • Ryan Hagerty, Sr., Muscatine
  • T. J. Miller, Jr., Cedar Falls
  • Steve Mitchell, Sr., Urbandale
  • Marcus Schneider, Jr., Fort Madison


• Johnny Galloway’s 3rd title in this one. Afterwards he was upset that he didn’t get the pin. He’s too hard on himself. He was great.

* Don’t know much about Turner or Mitchell, but they are obviously really good.

* Ryan Hagerty was my main rival my senior year. We split wins that year and went on to be teammates at Loras. One of the toughest and best people I know. Works his ass off for himself and for others.

* TJ Miller is now the HC at Loras and doing a great job.

* Marcus Schneider was the last guy I ever wrestled in my entire career when he was at Coe and I was at Loras. It’s crazy we met there and not HS because he was a local guy for me. Tons of respect for him.

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