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Youth Tournament Directory

Youth Tournament Directory 

If you want to advertise a youth wrestling tournament, $60 will get your tournament information in the directory on the site, and your form in the labeled “youth tournaments” photo album on our Facebook page. I am also going to try posting a “weekly youth tournaments” series in which I publish a post every Monday or Tuesday and list all of the youth wrestling tourneys for that week.  

If you are interested in advertising, please contact Joshua Swafford at thepindoctors@gmail.com or by pm’ing him on Facebook.

 NOTE: I do want to let you all know that IAwrestle actually has a youth tourney directory that they are letting people advertise their tourneys for free with… this is pretty generous of them, for that service has been a $60 service with a recently discontinued outlet for years, but I just want you all to know that you can do this same thing for free there. When I saw that they were doing this, I initially posted that I would not provide this service, but soon after received several pm’s from people asking me to keep it, for IAwrestle and Pin Doctors’s followings are different than each other our platforms will reach different people. So I say, the more you reach to promote your tournament, the merrier! I’d like to encourage you to utilize their resource for this as well.


November 20: 2021 Bellevue Shooting Stars Tournament

November 20: Hudson Little Pirate Wrestling Classic Form 2021

December 30thMediapolis Jr. Wrestling Tournament Form



January 9th:







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