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The Pin Doctors is a website/page/outlet started by a man from a tiny town called Mediapolis in Southeast Iowa named Joshua Swafford aka Rico Swaff, who got his start producing wrestling content for an outlet called The Predicament.  We want to cover the world’s greatest ever sport in as many ways possible and depict how versatile it has made our skill-sets off the mat as well. We make it a huge priority to depict the heart and soul of wrestling as well as the culture/lifestyles of those involved with it, which are much more diverse and interesting than non-wrestlers give us credit for. My goal is to produce content that is not only relatable and interesting to wrestlers, but to those who don’t know much about it.  A lot of the articles are structured in a way that allows the subject/wrestler being featured to express their thoughts and feelings they experienced with it as well… which is something that has never been known to be a norm for the wrestling community in years past.


The page was created on a whim in December of 2019 and has grown rapidly in very short time. Joshua started out by scribbling down roughly 200 ideas of what to name the site and annoyed his brothers; Shea, Brennan and Justin with all of them in a group text for like a week straight. Eventually it came down to a process of elimination and we landed on The Pin Doctors and it’s been an interesting ride since!
This page/site just recently began monetization, but is still reliant on donations which are used to improve and expand our coverage. Eventually we want to have podcasts and cover events and what-not. If you would like to donate to our cause, here is our info:
Venmo: @thepindoctors or @ricoswaff

: Send to P.O. Box 298, Mediapolis, IA 52637
Cashapp: $thepindoctors
Paypal: rico_swaff@yahoo.com

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