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Joshua Swafford AKA Swaff: Owner, founder, content director, writer, jackass.

Bill Cummings: Content conversion and source, tech.

Kevin Swafford: Writer, contributor.

Brennan Swafford: Graphic design.

Stephen Stonebraker: Contributor.

  • If you would like to join or assist The Pin Doctors, contact us on Twitter or Facebook or email us at thepindoctors@gmail.com

Special thanks to the Johnson Family (John, Deb, Chad, Cindy, Cathy Christopher). John and Debbie recorded a ton of content that I use and Chad converted it to digital so I can post it on youtube. Without them, this site would not have kicked off.

Big thanks to JJ Cooper from Wilton who was nice enough to send me a box full of state tournament books dating back to 1974!


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