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Want to advertise on our site? If so, hit me up! This site generally averages anywhere between 2500-5k views per day considering I am posting a lot of content. It has gotten up as high as 15k in a day before. With that said, the product you would like to advertise will most certainly be seen by many readers if you do decide you would like to advertise on this site.  

I have covered wrestling for 15+ years. I would love it if my work on here eventually led me to a happier life situation (different career) and would be elated if the site continued to grow to what I’d like it to be. With that said, with an exception of a couple of $50 checks one year, I have never made a dime from covering wrestling. So the advertising thing isn’t an area of expertise for me, for I have no experience with it… so bear with me if my ad prices are bloated…they shouldn’t be, just know I’ll work with you if they are.  

I decided to use this formula for what I will charge starting out: 

You can charge X dollars per month, per ad, with X being equal to your daily visitors count divided by ten. So if you get 500 visitors per day, you can expect to make $50 per banner ad.
I copied that straight from this site: https://yaro.blog/10201/how-much-should-you-charge-for-advertising-on-your-blog/


Now, my traffic always depends on how much material I am posting at the time, but I am pretty consistent for the most part.  But it’s tough to calculate an average because my traffic can be up and down.  So I will just use the minimum number of visitors that I will get in a day. It is very rare that I get less than 1200 visitors in a day. So I feel like $120 per month for an ad that I will plug into the site’s sidebar and towards the top, is reasonable. If not, let me know.  Keep in mind that it is not a rare occurrence to have well over 10k readers in a day. Contact me at one of the twitter, facebook, email addresses provided at the bottom of this post.

ALSO. If you have any cool stuff to share such as podium pics, wall charts, etc.? Have any cool wrestling stories you want to share?  Feel free to contact us at the phone number and email addresses below… 

The Pin Doctors Email: thepindoctors@gmail.com 

The Pin Doctors Twitter: @pin_dox

The Pin Doctors Facebook: facebook.com/thepindoctors

Contact Joshua Swafford personally via email:

rico_swaff@yahoo.com or follow on Twitter @ricoswaff



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