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Guys Who Won a HS/College National Championship, But Did Not Win State Part 2

This is part 2… There are at least 3-4 more of these to come so please calm down if you still haven’t seen someone you know of, BUT please feel free to come at me with any wrestlers you know who fit this criteria (won a HS or Collegiate national championship, but did not win state).

Eric Voelker, Dallas Center Grimes: State place winner 3rd at 185 in 1984… 2x NCAA National Champion. Won NCAA Nationals at 190 in 1987 and 1989 for Iowa State University. Eric placed 3rd at nationals in 1988.


Tom Meester, Central Lyon 2001: State runner-up in HS, 2x National Champion for Augustana at 184 from 2004-2005.


Heath Ropp, Mid Prairie: Placed 3rd as a senior in HS, National Champion for Wartburg at 125 in 2003.


Zac Weiglein, New Hampton: State placer in HS, 2x National Champion for Wartburg at 125 from 1999-2000.


Nick Ackerman, Colfax-Mingo: Placed 6th in HS in 1997 at 152, National Champion for Simpson at 174. Winner of the Hodge Trophy in 2001.

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