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2007 Super Pee Wee State Podium Pic with 5 HS State Finalists and 3 Champs

A lot of people will razz on the statement, “little kids results don’t predict future results,” which is true… to an extent… because sometimes you run into stuff like this…

1.) Ryan Leisure- Clear Lake, 4X finalist and 3X state champ in high school.

2.) Zach Barnes- SE Polk- 3X Placer and a state champ as a Senior.

3.) Brayden Curry- Sgt. Bluff- Luton- 3-4 time placer, 2 time finalist.

4.) Justin Tedrow- CR Prairie

5.) Keaton Geerts- New Hampton- 3X placer, 2 time state champ.

6.) Brant O’Shea- Keokuk- Placed a couple times, finalist as a Senior.

7.) Jake Watters- Dowling- State Placer

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