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Remembering the Wrestlers #2: Bobby Forseen- Columbus Jct.

  • I met Bobby in the youth wrestling program that I began wrestling in.  It was the YMCA Burlington Youth Wrestling  Club. Starting in youth, you may encounter a variety of different kinds of upperclassmen teammates.  There are some who just kind of want to do their own thing and ignore the “little guys” in the room even if they need help.  There are guys who go out of their way to pick on the younger wrestlers in the room.  Then there are guys like Bobby. Bobby was a leader who led by example. He paid attention to the coaches, was able to pick up on what was being shown with ease, treated everyone in the room with respect and went out of his way to ensure that every one of his teammates were catching on to what was being shown. Meet Bobby Forseen, a cool person and a perfect example of the great athletes and personalities that the sport of wrestling produces. 

The 1992 Burlington YMCA State Placerwinners… (Front Row L-R): Ryan McCall, Kevin Glendening, Bobby Forseen, Heath Latta, Justin Swafford, (Back Row L-R): Phillip Klees, Joshua Swafford, Brian Glendening, Tyler Sherwood, Josh Britton


What was your record in HS?

168-16 record
110 pins


How did you do at state each year?

5th, qualifier, 2nd, 3rd


What was the highpoint of your HS wrestling career?

A high point for me would have to be being a part of the first 2 state championship teams for Columbus Junction. Since I never achieved an individual title myself.


What were some of the most notable adverse challenges or moments you experienced in high school wrestling and how did it turn out?

The biggest adverse challenge was my senior year. I got beat at state by Daniel Klindt from Oakland, Riverside and came back to get third. The very next week we wrestled them in the State Dual Finals. I was really looking forward to a rematch, but the lineup moving wizards that Coach Plein and Siegel were…they knew even if I was to beat him we still wouldn’t win the dual the way the matches were lined up. So, they started with me and bumped up the rest of the lineup and we won the title in the last match with Jason Payne putting it on the line.


What was the most upset you ever felt after a loss?

I would have to say the most upset I ever was with myself after a loss would had to have been my loss in the finals my junior year to Pat Rupp from Belle Plaine. We had wrestled 4 times that year. The first time I was winning 10-0 after the first period and got headlocked and choked unconscious. The second was at sectionals. I lost 7-3, I believe? Third was at districts and I was winning 12-4 and pinned him. In the finals I hit a nice sweep, got stretched out and he double overlooked me to my back for 4. I eventually lost that match 8-4.


You were coached by a couple legends…John Siegel and Bill Plein… how would you compare and contrast their coaching styles?

Coach Plein and Coach Siegel have been the biggest influences in my life. I went through some tough times and they never turned their back on me. I owe them everything for the man and father I am today. As far as their coaching? Very comparable. I’m not selling either short on their capabilities. But, Coach Plein has impeccable technique in his coaching. Coach Siegel teaches you how to grind and believe in yourself even when you might be outmatched.


Have any family members who wrestled?

I had 2 brothers Scott and Joe. I believe Scott was a qualifier and 3rd. Joe was 3 time qualifier placing 4th his junior year.


You coached your nephew Sawyer Farris quite a bit… what were some of the best memories of coaching him and did it prepare you to coach your own kids?

Bar none. Sitting in his corner on his way to a state title. I’m still learning myself how to approach the sport with my own son, Kane. Things I did with Sawyer don’t have the same reaction as they are with my own son. Kane is still trying to figure this sport out and is only in 5th grade. When he is older and ready to buy in all the way…we will do more.


Who were some of your most notable competitors in high school?

Some of the most notable competitors were Corey Stanley’s split and Benji Winegarden from Wilton my freshman year. Eric Fitzer, Ben Thomson and Chay Wood my Junior year. I beat the rest listed.


Was your team competitive?

Our team was super competitive my last two years at Junction. We were individual state champs and 3rd at state duals my junior year. We were runner-ups at individual and state champs at duals my senior year.


How would you describe your wrestling style?

I was just a grinder with some funk and good hips.


Did you wrestle after high school?

I didn’t wrestle collegiately after high school. Although I have always stayed involved throughout the years.


Am I remembering correctly, or did you used to dye your hair a couple times? Who inspired that? Rodman if I remember right?

I did dye my hair. Lol. I was definitely an outlaw kid that went through a pretty rough divorce with my parents and at that time Rodman was the “bad boy.”


How has wrestling shaped you as a person to this day? What do you do now? Are you still involved with wrestling?

I am married to my wife, Jamie and we have 3 kids together and I also have a stepson. Wrestling has molded me into everything I am today. It has helped me through dark times and at my highest. The older I get. The more I realize how much it’s helped. I am currently a project manager in Burlington at Industrial Service Corp. I take the same pride into my job everyday that I did 23 years ago in a wrestling room. I am still involved in wrestling. I help coach youth wrestling.


Any chance we could see a rematch with you and any of your rivals at an old man’s tournament?

Haha. I’m old. But, I’m still dumb enough to strap the laces up if I was called out. It’s who I am and the wrestling room will always be the place I feel like I fit in. There is probably a better chance of my son rivaling it out with one of my old rivals’ kids.

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