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PinDox Profile: Seth Evans, Lenox HS ‘00

Seth Evans; Lenox HS ‘00

Seth was a 3X state placer/2X state finalist/1X state champion from Lenox, IA. He placed 4th as a Sophomore in a loaded 1997 1A 145 lb. bracket that included guys like Rob Hoback (Columbus Jct.), Dustin Destival (Wapsie Valley), Jake Munger (Maynard, West Central), Chris Cory (Bondurant-Farrah, Matt Cornelison (Guthrie-Center), etc. Both of Evans’s losses were to Munger, the returning state champion… Munger beat Seth in the quarterfinals and for 3rd and 4th.

And after that, Seth Evans only had 1 loss in his last 2 years of HS wrestling. And that was in the state finals vs. Kurtis Williamson of Eagle Grove as a Junior at 1A 152. In 2000, he was at 1A 152 again and won a bracket that included future state champion and D3 National Champ, Cody Koenig of Underwood and 2X state champion Mark Mueller of Postville. Evans beat Mueller in the finals, 5-4. This bracket also had future UFC/MMA star, Josh Neer of SE Warren in it.

Seth Evans only gave up 2 takedowns in his last 2 years of wrestling… amazing.


1998 1A 145

1 Rob Hoback, Sr., Columbus Junction

2 Dustin Destival, Sr., Wapsie Valley, Fairbank

3 Jake Munger, Sr., Maynard, West Central

4 Seth Evans, So., Lenox

5 Chris Cory, Sr., Bondurant-Farrar

6 Matt Cornelison, Jr., Guthrie Center

1999 1A 152

1 Kurtis Williamson, Jr., Eagle Grove

2 Seth Evans, Jr., Lenox

3 Ian Pitzenberger, Sr., Greene

5 Matt Cornelison, Sr., Guthrie Center

6 Jason Mitchell, Jr., Interstate 35 (Truro)

7 Josh Dunn, Sr., Woodbine

2000 1A 152

1 Seth Evans, Sr., Lenox

2 Mark Mueller, So., Postville

3 Cody Koenig, Jr., Underwood

4 Jason Mitchell, Sr., Interstate 35, Truro

5 Zac Henrich, Sr., Kingsley-Pierson

6 Steve Gunderson, Sr., Woodward-Granger

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