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Answers to Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Venmo/Donations/Merchandise

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Venmo/Donations

Thought I would post something about a few developments and answers to some frequently asked questions. A few weeks ago when I posted something regarding whether or not people would want to donate, I  probably should have prepared a little bit better, for there were a few things that came up quite a bit. I will answer these as thoroughly as possible.


QUESTION 1: Can I donate to you by sending a check or cash in the mail?

ANSWER: Yes… the address you can send that to is:

Joshua Swafford

P.O. Box 298

Mediapolis, IA 52637



QUESTION 2: Can we donate to you through a different app besides Venmo?

ANSWER: Yes, you can. I now have Cash App and PayPal set up. I am attaching the QR codes for each to this article. If you do not have a Venmo account, but would like to donate to The Pin Doctors through one of those sources, here is my info for each:

CashApp: My username for this is $thepindoctors

Venmo: My Venmo information is @thepindoctors for business and @ricoswaff is my personal account. You can donate to either.

PayPal: My PayPal username is rico_swaff@yahoo.com

QUESTION 3: Do you have any merchandise for sale currently?

ANSWER: Kind of sort of. I get a lot of requests about apparel and merchandise and I love it, for I appreciate the support so much! I am going to try to get moving with merchandise and am gonna start off by selling the Pin Doctors T-Shirts that I purchased about a year and a half ago. I bought a couple hundreds shirts back then, half black and half white and have just not had the time or knowledge on how to go about selling them… so I’ve just been giving them away to my friends. I’ve given away probably half of them and I did spend a good $500 at least when I ordered them, so I figure I should start selling them. I have some black t-shirts and some white t-shirts with a few hoodies. These will probably be the only ones that look the way they do now, for we are adjusting some things with the logo to where we can come up with something that can be used for hats as well. I plan on having a full-fledged PinDox merchandise store set-up as soon as I possibly can with a variety of options for apparel. Until then, the t-shirts I have now are the only apparel I have available and I am running low on them, so it will be a first come, first serve type of deal. If you are interested in buying a shirt, pm me or email me at thepindoctors@gmail.com and if I have any of what your requesting available, I will get you a shirt. The black shirts have a bit smaller of a logo, the white shirt has a larger logo if you can’t tell from the pic. Any money I receive for these will be used to purchase more shirts and hopefully get the merchandise store up and running! These particular shirts will be $13 plus $5 shipping and handling, so $18 altogether.  Hit me up and we can set up payment arrangements. If I am out of stock with everything, just know I am getting more.

QUESTION 4: If you haven’t monetized yet, will you do so in the future?

ANSWER: The first time I have ever made an attempt to actively monetize is in this very post about the shirts.  I am hoping to monetize in the near future. The donations will be used to cover some of the expenses/equipment that will be required in order to operate a monetized wrestling media outlet. I have a ton of different services in mind that I plan to offer they should be pretty cool and with your help, we can provide these. So, to answer this common question, I haven’t monetized and donations will be used to where I can get things to a point where I CAN monetize… If that rubs you the wrong way, do not donate.

QUESTION 5: What type of equipment do you plan to purchase with the donations?

ANSWER: To start, from the donations I’ve already received, I purchased a laptop. That’s why you are seeing a ton of videos now. One of the first things I will do with the donations is hire a web designer to make my site a little better looking and more user-friendly with the services I plan to offer. Donations will also be used to set-up a merchandise store. I plan on purchasing high quality photo and video editing software, podcast equipment so we can host live podcasts with guests, shirts, apparel, a video camera for video specials such as “fishing with wrestlers,” the “Remember The Wrestler” series in video form, wrestler bios in video form, etc. I also plan on streaming certain events… I’m not sure which ones yet, for I do not want to step on the toes of any other provider such as IAwrestle or Stalemates, for I want us all to coexist peacefully, but there will be a “niche” of events that I would like to stream.  In fact, I’d like to start hosting our own events and I have many ideas on how to do this in a manner that is unique and original, but that is for another time. I also plan to use the donation money for a studio rental that I have already looked into. There is a lot of stuff I plan to do and I am confident that will all enjoy it.

*** If you would like to donate to help us reach these goals to where we can start doing these things, then I can not thank you enough. If you do not want to or can not donate due to a tumultuous financial situation, that’s ok too. I understand what it is like to struggle and by all means, I’d like to encourage you no matter what to continue checking in on The Pin Doctors.

THANK YOU! Hope this clears some things! And to those of you who have donated already, it means the world to me and has already been put to use to improve The Pin Doctors!

-Joshua Swafford

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