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Remember The Wrestler: Jeff Gibbons; Ames HS/Iowa State Cyclones

Jeff Gibbons is the youngest of 4 brothers who are considered, by many, the best ever wrestling family to be produced by the state of Iowa. The Gibbons family is wrestling royalty in Iowa, if such a thing exists. And they attained this status by being great in multiple roles of the sport and at multiple levels. Of course they were great competitors, but have also excelled in other areas of the sport, such as coaching and media coverage. They are all positive role models to the wrestling community and if a wrestling family collectively decides they want to be as respectable and successful of a family as possible, they could learn a couple thousand things from how the Gibbons family has carried themselves on and off the mat throughout the years.

This one was done a little differently. Jeff completed his questionnaire, worked his tail off and put everything together via Power Point. Unfortunately, I could not get Power Point to format correctly, so I decided the best route to take for his would be by means of screen shots. This may  say style I may utilize more in the future.


Here is the Jeff Gibbons story, as told by Jeff Gibbons!


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