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Portillo’s Projections: Projecting 33 NCAA D1 Qualifiers at Each Weight


Preface: I want to start this article off with a statement I realized even more (much more) after researching and writing this article… Holy COW the NCAA messed up these allocations. There are many conferences that simply do not have enough allocations because of it, so there will be many ranked guys hoping for a wildcard no matter how you slice it. Look at Big 12’s 133. Literally all 12 guys are ranked in the top 33, but there are 5 spots in all. 5 spots for 12 “should-be” qualifiers. And only 6 wildcard spots open for the weight. PAC-12 of the same weight has 4 guys ranked for only 1 spot. Just like that, that’s at least 10 ranked guys fighting for 6 wildcards, and that’s not including guys from the Big 10 and crazy good guys that are going to be upset hoping for a wildcard. So ranked guys will for sure be staying home – it’s inevitable. Meanwhile, other conferences certainly benefited from this… (cough-cough EIWA). The NCAA’s method really just made zero sense here (using data from the last 5 years even though teams have completely different wrestlers), as opposed to allocating based off of coaches’ rankings like usual. Either way, here’s my projections for who I believe will qualify in 2021 for the D1 Championships. A final note, please take no offense to these projections; nothing is personal at all, so please prove me wrong! 


Welcome as I take a guess at who I think will perform best at each conference championship and thus qualify for the NCAA D1 Championships, as well as guess at who I think will receive wild cards. Enjoy!


* Automatic Qualifier Allocations are indicated in parenthesis for each conference. 


* Line-ups are subject to change per team’s discretion, which might throw some projections off. 


* Order does not necessarily indicate projected placements.

* Remember, if I went by straight rankings/seeds, that would be no fun. I try to make some bold choices here and there. Every year we see some crazy stuff go down. What upsets will happen this year?



ACC (3): Sam Latona (Virginia Tech), Jakob Camacho (NC State), Pat McCormick (Virginia)


Big 12 (5): Brody Teske (Northern Iowa), Cody Phippen (Air Force), Killian Cardinale (West Virginia), Taylor Lamont (Utah Valley), Kysen Terukina (Iowa State)


Big Ten (8): Spencer Lee (Iowa), Dylan Ragusin/Jack Medley (Michigan), Devin Schroeder (Purdue), Malik Heinselman (Ohio State), Michael DeAugustino (Northwestern), Eric Barnett (Wisconsin), Rayvon Foley (Michigan State), Robert Howard (Penn State)


EIWA (3): Jaret Lane (Lehigh), Gage Curry (American), Dylan Ryder (Hofstra)


MAC (4): Drew Hildebrandt (Central Michigan), Connor Brown (Missouri), Jake Ferri (Kent State), Luke Werner (Lock Haven)


Pac-12 (2): Brandon Courtney (Arizona State), Jackson DiSario (Stanford)


SoCon (1): Codi Russell (App. State)


Wildcards (7): Pat McKee (Minnesota), Liam Cronin (Nebraska), Trevor Mastrogiovanni (OK State), Logan Treaster (Navy), Danny Vega (South Dakota State), Fabian Gutierrez (Chattanooga), Justin Cardani (Illinois) 


Others with a chance: Brandon Kaylor (Oregon State), Micah Roes (Binghamton), Colton Camacho (Pitt), Brock Hudkins (Indiana), Jon Tropea (Rider), Lucas Rodriguez (Edinboro), Zurich Storm (Campbell), Benny Gomez (Presbyterian) 



ACC (4): Mickey Phillipi (Pitt), Korbin Meyers (Virginia Tech), Jarrett Trombley (NC State), Louie Hayes (Virginia)


Big 12 (5): Daton Fix (OK State), Zach Price (South Dakota State), Kyle Biscoglia (Northern Iowa), Mosha Schwartz (Northern Colorado), Ty Smith (Utah Valley)


Big Ten (8):, Austin DeSanto (Iowa), Roman Bravo-Young (Penn State), Sammy Alvarez (Rutgers), Chris Cannon (Northwestern), Lucas Byrd (Illinois), Boo Dryden (Minnesota), Alex Thomsen (Nebraska), Jack Medley/Dylan Ragusin (Michigan)


EIWA (3): Malyke Hines (Lehigh), Jacob Allen (Navy), Darren Miller (Bucknell)


MAC (5): Matt Schmitt (Missouri), Mario Guillen (Ohio), Drew Marten (Central Michigan), Bryce West (Northern Illinois), Aaron Schulist (SIUE)


Pac-12 (1): Michael McGee (Arizona State)


SoCon (1): Jake Rotunda (The Citadel)


Wildcards (6): Ryan Sullivan (West Virginia), Zach Redding (Iowa State), Joe Heilmann (North Carolina), Paul Bianchi (Little Rock), Job Greenwood (Wyoming), Jared Van Vleet (Air Force)


Others with a chance: Devan Turner (Oregon State), Brandon Fenton (Kent State), Jordan Decatur (Ohio State), Kellyn March (North Dakota State), Colten Landers (Chattanooga), Justin Patrick (Cleveland State), Chandler Olson (Drexel), Tye Varndell (Edinboro), Kyle Burwick (Wisconsin), Gabe Hixenbaugh (Campbell), Jason Miranda (Stanford), Haiden Drury (Fresno State), Garrett Lambert (Hofstra), Anthony Madrigal (Oklahoma)


* a lot of names for this weight, but 133 was probably the deepest weight as is, and a lot of good guys will be staying home because of faulty allocations. Some conferences are also very wide open.



ACC (3): Tariq Wilson (NC State), Zach Sherman (North Carolina), Sammy Hillegas (Virginia Tech)


Big 12 (4): Ian Parker (Iowa State), Dom Demas (Oklahoma), Dusty Hone (OK State), Durbin Lloren (Fresno State)


Big Ten (8): Jaydin Eierman (Iowa), Nick Lee (Penn State), Chad Red (Nebraska), Sebastian Rivera (Rutgers), Dylan Duncan (Illinois), Dylan D’Emilio (Ohio State), Drew Mattin (Michigan), Parker Filius (Purdue)


EIWA (5): Cody Trybus (Navy), Julian Flores (Drexel), Lane Peters (Army), Connor McGonagle (Lehigh), Kurt Phipps (Bucknell)


MAC (4): Allan Hart (Missouri), Dresden Simon (Central Michigan), Derek Spann (Buffalo), Saul Ervin (SIUE)


Pac-12 (2): , Lawrence Saenz (Cal Poly), Real Woods (Stanford)


SoCon (1): Franco Valdes (Chattanooga)


Wildcards (6): Cole Matthews (Pitt), Clay Carlson (South Dakota State), Marcus Polanco (Minnesota), Brian Courtney (Virginia), Grant Willits (Oregon State), Anthony Brito (App. State)


Others with a chance: Jake Spiess (Michigan State), McKenzie Bell (Rider), Trevon Majette (Gardner-Webb), Chris Sandoval (Northern Colorado), Chase Zollman (Wyoming), Julian Chlebove (Arizona State)




ACC (3): Austin O’Connor (North Carolina), Bryce Andonian (Virginia Tech), Josh Finesilver (Duke)


Big 12 (5): Andrew Alirez (Northern Colorado), Boo Lewallen (OK State), Mitch Moore (Oklahoma), Jarrett Degen (Iowa State), Triston Lara (Northern Iowa)


Big Ten (7): Sammy Sasso (Ohio State), Michael Carr (Illinois), Max Murin (Iowa), Kanen Storr (Michigan), Yayha Thomas (Northwestern), Michael Blockhus (Minnesota), Ridge Lovett/Brock Hardy (Nebraska)


EIWA (4): Kizhan Clarke (American), PJ Ogunsanya (Army), Jimmy Hoffman (Lehigh), Greg Gaxiola (Hofstra)


MAC (4): Brock Mauller (MIssouri), Anthony Cheloni (Northern Illinois), Ben Freeman (Buffalo), Cardionte Wilson (SIUE)


Pac-12 (2): Legend Lamer (Cal Poly), Cory Crooks (Arizona State)


SoCon (2): Josh Heil (Campbell), John Millner (App. State)


Wildcards (6): Griffin Parriott (Purdue), Jaden Abas (Stanford), Casey Cobb (Navy), Peyton Omania (Michigan State), Mike Van Brill (Rutgers), Tyler Vath (Edinboro)


Others with a chance: Ed Scott (NC State), Beau Bartlett (Penn State), Denton Spencer (Virginia), Jaden Van Maanen (North Dakota State), Hunter Marko (South Dakota State), Dylan Martinez (Air Force), Graham Rooks (Indiana), Jobe Chishko (VMI), Chon Porter (The Citadel), Kody Komara (Kent State), Cameron Hunsaker (Utah Valley), Matt Kolonia (Bucknell)



ACC (4): Hayden Hidlay (NC State), Conner Brady (Virginia Tech), Josh McClure (North Carolina), Justin McCoy (Virginia)


Big 12 (3): David Carr (Iowa State), Cade DeVos (South Dakota State), Wyatt Sheets (OK State)


Big Ten (8): Ryan Deakin (Northwestern), Kaleb Young (Iowa), Kendall Coleman (Purdue), Brady Berge (Penn State), Brayton Lee (Minnesota), Elijah Cleary (Ohio State), Caleb Licking (Nebraska), Will Lewan (Michigan)


EIWA (5): Markus Hartman (Army), Holden Heller (Hofstra), Parker Kropman (Drexel), Andrew Cerniglia (Navy), Nick Palumbo (Sacred Heart) 


MAC (4): Jesse Dellavecchia (Rider), Jarrett Jacques (Missouri), Justin Ruffin (SIUE), Michael Petite (Buffalo)


Pac-12 (2): Hunter Willits (Oregon State), Jacori Teemer (Arizona State)


SoCon (1): Weston Wichman (Chattanooga)


Wildcards (6): Justin Thomas (Oklahoma), Requir van der Merwe (Stanford), Jared Franek (North Dakota State), Jacob Wright (Wyoming), Benjamin Barton (Campbell), Chase Saldate (Michigan State) 


Others with a chance: Brawley Lamer (Cal Poly), Alex Carida (Bloomsburg), Luca Frinzi (Lehigh), Robert Kanniard (Rutgers), Cody Bond (App. State)



ACC (3): Mehki Lewis (Virginia Tech), Jake Wentzel (Pitt), Kennedy Monday (North Carolina)


Big 12 (5): Travis Wittlake (OK State), Luke Weber (North Dakota State), Cole Moody (Wyoming), Peyton Hall (West Virginia), Jordan Robison/Johnny Blankenship (N. Colorado) 


Big Ten (8): Alex Marinelli (Iowa), Ethan Smith (Ohio State), Andrew Sparks (Minnesota), Danny Braunagel (Illinois), Joe Lee (Penn State), Peyton Robb (Nebraska), Cameron Amine (Michigan), Jake Tucker (Michigan State)


EIWA (5): Zach Hartman (Bucknell), Tanner Skidgel (Navy), Evan Barczak (Drexel), Brian Meyer (Lehigh), Brevon Casella (Binghamton)


MAC (2): Keegan O’Toole (Missouri), Colt Yinger (Ohio)


Pac-12 (2): Shane Griffith (Stanford), Anthony Valencia (Arizona State)


SoCon (1): Rodrick Mosely (Gardner-Webb)


Wildcards (7): Tommy Bullard (NC State), Will Formato (App. State), Jake Keating (Virginia), Izzak Olejnik (N. Illinois), Jake Silverstein (Rider), Gerrit Nijenhuis (Purdue), Ricky Stamm (Hofstra) 


Others with a chance: Adam Kemp (Cal Poly), Nick South (Indiana), Dazjon Casto (The Citadel), Isaac Judge (Iowa State), Pat Schoenfelder (Northern Iowa), Kolby Ho (Clarion), Ryan Ferro (Long Island), Vincent Dolce (Air Force), Bilal Bailey (Campbell)



ACC (3): Cody Howard (Virginia Tech), Clay Lautt (North Carolina), Daniel Bullard (NC State)


Big 12 (4): Demetrius Romero (Utah Valley), Hayden Hastings (Wyoming), Jackson Hemauer (Northern Colorado), Lance Runyon (Northern Iowa)


Big Ten (8): Michael Kemerer (Iowa), Logan Massa (MIchigan), Carter Starocci (Penn State), Kaleb Romero (Ohio State), Michael Labriola (Nebraska), Drew Hughes (MIchigan State), DJ Shannon (Illinois), Jackson Turley (Rutgers)


EIWA (5): Michael O’Malley (Drexel), Ben Pasiuk (Army), Jake Logan (Lehigh), Tim Fizpatrick (American), Dean Caravela (Navy)


MAC (3): Andrew McNally (Kent State), Jacob Oliver (Edinboro), Peyton Mocco (Missouri)


Pac-12 (2): Bernie Truax (Cal Poly), Trey Munoz (Arizona State)


SoCon (1): Austin Murphy (Campbell)


Wildcards (7): Donnell Washington (Indiana), Dustin Plott (OK State), Jake Allar (Minnesota), Thomas Flitz (App. State), Cody Surratt (Air Force), Mason Kauffman (Northern Illinois), Jared Krattiger (Wisconsin)


Others with a chance: Anthony Mantanona (Oklahoma), Phillip Spadafora (Maryland), Tyler Eischens (Stanford), Julien Broderson (Iowa State), Victor Marcelli (Virginia), Ross McFarland (Hofstra), Angel Garcia (Rider), Emil Soehnlen (Purdue)



ACC (3): Trent Hidlay (NC State), Hunter Bolen (Virginia Tech), Gregg Harvey (Pitt)


Big 12 (4): Tate Samuelson (Wyoming), Parker Keckeisen (Northern Iowa), Dakota Geer (OK State), Sammy Colbray (Iowa State)


Big Ten (8): Aaron Brooks (Penn State), Taylor Venz (Nebraska), Nelson Brands (Iowa), Max Lyon (Purdue), Zach Braunagel (Illinois), John Poznanski (Rutgers), Layne Malczewski (Michigan State), Rocky Jordan (Ohio State)


EIWA (6): David Key (Navy), Louie DePrez (Binghamton), Charles Small (Hofstra), Taylor Brown (Army), Josh Stillings (Drexel), Dylan Ammerman (Lehigh)


MAC (3): Kyle Davis (George Mason), Jeremiah Kent (Missouri), Brit Wilson (N. Illinois)


Pac-12 (1): Dom Ducharme (Cal. State-Bakersfield)


SoCon (2): Caleb Hopkins (Campbell), Matthew Waddell (Chattanooga)


Wildcards (6): Devin Kane (North Carolina), Chris Weiler (Wisconsin), Alan Clothier (Northern Colorado), Owen Webster (Minnesota), Michael Battista (Virginia), George Walton (Rider)


Others with a chance: Ryan Reyes (Oregon State), Cade Belshay (Arizona State), Frankie Guida (Bucknell), Jha’Quan Anderson (Gardner-Webb), Deandre Nassar (Cleveland State), Jelani Embree (Michigan), Jack Jessen (Northwestern) 



ACC (3): Nino Bonaccorsi (Pitt), Jay Aiello (Virginia), Nick Reenan (NC State)


Big 12 (5): Tanner Sloan (South Dakota State), Noah Adams (West Virginia), Jake Woodley (Oklahoma), Keegan Moore (Northern Iowa), Stephen Buchanan (Wyoming)


Big Ten (6): Eric Schultz (Nebraska), Jacob Warner (Iowa), Myles Amine (Michigan), Cam Caffey (Michigan State), Thomas Penola (Purdue), Gavin Hoffman (Ohio State)


EIWA (5): JT Brown (Army), Jacob Koser (Navy), John Jakobsen (Lehigh), Bryan McLaughlin (Drexel), Trey Rogers (Hofstra)


MAC (3): Rocky Elam (Missouri), Greg Bulsak (Clarion), Ben Smith (Cleveland State)


Pac-12 (3): Kordell Norfleet (Arizona State), JJ Dixon (Oregon State), Josh Loomer (Bakersfield) 


SoCon (1): Tyler Mousaw (VMI)


Wildcards (7): Lucas Davison (Northwestern), Albert Ferrari (OK State), Michael Beard (Penn State), Marcus Coleman/Yonger Bastida (Iowa State), Max Shaw (North Carolina), Collin McCracken (Kent State), Billy Janzer (Rutgers)  


Others with a chance: Chris Kober (Campbell), Stanley Smeltzer (Virginia Tech), Landon Pelham (Central Michigan), Jaron Smith (Maryland), Kaden Russell (Duke), Cody Mulligan (Edinboro), Gage Braun (N. Illinois) 



ACC (4): Deonte Wilson (NC State), John Borst (Virginia Tech), Quinn Miller (Virginia), Andrew Gunning (North Carolina)


Big 12 (5): Gannon Gremmel (Iowa State), Carter Isley (Northern Iowa), Brian Andrews (Wyoming), Brandon Metz (North Dakota State), Dalton Robertson (Northern Colorado)


Big Ten (7): Gable Steveson (Minnesota), Mason Parris (Michigan), Greg Kerklviet (Penn State), Anthony Cassioppi (Iowa), Christian Lance (Nebraska), Luke Luffman (Illinois), Boone McDermott/Christian Colucci (Rutgers), 


EIWA (4): Jordan Wood (Lehigh), John Birchmeier (Navy), Joe Doyle (Binghamton), Zachary Knighton-Ward (Hofstra)


MAC (3): Matt Stencel (Central Michigan), Ethan Laird (Rider), Zach Elam (Missouri)


Pac-12 (2): Nathan Traxler (Stanford), Cohlton Schultz (Arizona State)


SoCon (2): Michael McAleavey (The Citadel), Anthony Perrine (Gardner-Webb)


Wildcards (6): Trent Hillger (Wisconsin), Tate Orndorff/Gary Traub (Ohio State), Josh Heindselman (Oklahoma), Austin Harris (OK State), Wyatt Hendrickson (Air Force), Colton McKiernan (SIUE) 


Others with a chance: Jon Spaulding (Edinboro), Robert Heald (Army), Sam Schuyler (Buffalo), Chase Trussell (Utah Valley), Max Ihry (Northern Illinois), Jamarcus Grant (Purdue)


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