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Who Is The Iowa HS Wrestling GOAT?!?! The Case For Cullan Schriever, Mason City


Cullan Schriever… One of my favorite wrestlers….EVER. A technical wizard on the mat. I’ve never seen someone so efficiently utilize a spectrum of set-ups to score a plethora of takedowns each match quite like Cullan Schriever.  When he’s on and healthy, his game is systematic and borderline flawless and if you know what you are looking at when you watch him, it is quite the show.

So Cullan CAN’T have a case for the GOAT since he only won 3 titles, right?  WRONG. I refuse to put much stock in the one year that he did not win state.  It was his Junior year and he was terribly injured. A broken ankle, I believe.  And he STILL managed to place at state.  Unbelievable. On full-health, Cullan is nothing less than a legit comparison to undefeated 4X state champion and 2X national champion Hawkeye, Eric Juergens of Maquoketa. In fact, he reminds me a lot of Eric. He’s THAT good.

Cullan was able to accomplish some things that only the elite of the elite in the NATION were able to achieve.  Take a look at this resume:

  • 3X State Champion, 4x placer.
  • Fargo cadet freestyle champion in 2016…
  • Fargo junior freestyle champion in 2018…
  • 2017 Super 32 champion
  • Folkstyle cadet national champion in 2016
  • Two-time UWW Cadet All-American

Try to think of some other Iowa HS guys who Schriever’s accolades aren’t on par with…. I’m waiting.  I mean, the kid won Super 32…Who else has done that? Fredy Stroker?

Schriever is a product of Sebolt Wrestling Academy… So is current Fort Dodge Senior, Drake Ayala.  Drake is one of the Iowa HS GOAT’s in his own right and is trying to become a 3X state champion this year himself… The one year he didn’t win state, who stopped him? You guessed it, Cullan Schriever.

Does Cullan Schriever have a case as Iowa HS wrestling’s GOAT?  If you don’t think so, you are wrong… plain and simply.  In fact, he very well could be the best I’ve ever witnessed on the Iowa HS wrestling scene.  I’d love to see how he would do in some hypothetical matchups against other Iowa HS greats…. I am 100% Cullan would handle himself just fine against anyone you throw out there with him.

And my respect for him exceeds the wrestling mat, for a couple years ago when I covered 3A wrestling for The Predicament, the Mason City trio of Cullan, his twin brother Colby and 285 lber. Troy Monahan were some of the most impressive athletes I met all year.  All three were polite, well-spoken and showed patience with me when I had some technical issues. You seriously just couldn’t ask for a better trio of guys to represent your team in the manner those three did on and off the mat. RESPECT to Mason City’s wrestling community!!!!

I’m a huge fan of this kid… He is my favorite Hawkeye right now.


2017 3A 106

  • 1st Place – Cullan Schriever of Mason City
  • 2nd Place – Ben Monroe of Ankeny Centennial
  • 3rd Place – Cody Anderson of Waukee
  • 4th Place – Conrad Braswell of Prairie, Cedar Rapids
  • 5th Place – Nick Oldham of Valley, WDM
  • 6th Place – Evan Yant of Waverly-Shell Rock
  • 7th Place – Nathan Kahoe of Des Moines Lincoln
  • 8th Place – Hans vonRabenau of Iowa City, West

2018 3A 106

  • 1st Place – Cullan Schriever of Mason City
  • 2nd Place – Drake Ayala of Fort Dodge
  • 3rd Place – Lucas Uliano of Waukee
  • 4th Place – Devin Harmison of Southeast Polk
  • 5th Place – Ethan Wood-Finley of Iowa City, City High
  • 6th Place – Aiden Evans of Bettendorf
  • 7th Place – Rheiner Stahlbaum of Johnston


2019 3A 120

  • 1st Place – Carson Taylor of Fort Dodge
  • 2nd Place – Hunter Garvin of Iowa City, West
  • 3rd Place – Aiden Evans of Bettendorf
  • 4th Place – Keaton Moret of Norwalk
  • 5th Place – Thomas Edwards of Johnston
  • 6th Place – Cullan Schriever of Mason City
  • 7th Place – Nick Miller of Waukee
  • 8th Place – Nick Walters of Sioux City, North


2020 3A 126

  • 1st Place – Cullan Schriever of Mason City
  • 2nd Place – Carson Taylor of Fort Dodge
  • 3rd Place – Ayden Kingery of Southeast Polk
  • 4th Place – Thomas Edwards of Johnston
  • 5th Place – Bryce Parke of Linn-Mar – Marion
  • 6th Place – Grant Harbour of Norwalk
  • 7th Place – Connor Kelley of Waukee
  • 8th Place – Jackson Helmkamp of Ankeny Centennial
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