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Video of the Worst Practice My Brother Justin and I Ever Had With Intro (Warning: There is tons of bawling from both my brother and I…it’s really funny).

So my second grade year, my practices partners were these guys: Chris Sime,  Neil Johnson, Adam Roberts, Phillip Klees and this kid that I only knew as Stinky Todd. Boy did that kid smell. Anyways, we were all in the 2nd-3rd grade-ish range and it was about the 2nd year for most of us.. there were guys in that room that had been wrestling for years. Josh Gunn is one of them. Not only was ya a 4th grader, but he was in his 5th year. I didn’t have to worry about wrestling him, though. I was never put with him because that would be dumb.


So my family buys a camcorder and decide to tape one of the practices. I was freakin’ please pumped. I usually won big against a lot of the guys I wrestled. It always was a dream of mine in 1991 (When Ryan was in MN) to try and look like Shane Light on tape… I planned on making these guys look silly. Out of all days, and I swear this was on purpose, but of all days, Dad makes me workout with the super-experienced Josh Gunn, who was also 15 lbs bigger than me and a couple grades ahead of me. In other words, dad set me up to get my ass kicked on our new camcorder. Holy cow this ticked me off. I went home with a video of me crying the entire time between takedowns that I didn’t score. And my brother, Justin, who was a Kindergartner at the time, had to practice with someone he normally didn’t have to either, and this kid weighed about 3X the size of Justin. He had. Bad practice too.

I complete it with sound effects from Austin Powers and the songs, “YMCA” and “Me and Michael” by MGMT.

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