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2000 Iowan Fargo Cadet All-Americans and Podium Pic

Reason I am posting this now is because there were only 2 Iowans who were AA’s that year as cadets and they have an “Inside The Rivalry” article coming in the near future. Their names are Mack Reiter who won it and Justin Swafford who placed 4th.


1.)  Mack Reiter- Iowa

2.) Brian Nunziato- New Jersey

3.) Cody Garcia- Kansas

4.) Drew Headlee- Pennsylvania

5.) Michael Fessler- Mizzou

6.) Christian Smith- Virginia

7.) Juan Ramirez- California

8.) Jeff Taylor-Oregon



1.) Christian Staylor- Pennsylvania

2.) Tim Kephart- Mizzou

3.) Mark McKnight- Pennsylvania

4.) Justin Swafford- Iowa

5.) Nathan Morgan- California

6.) Mark Throckmorton

7.) Sean Schmaltz

8.) Lyle Evans- Utah

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