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1998 AAU Iowa State Wrestling Bracket and Podium Pic Division A-75



1.) Jimmy Waters- Lewis Central

2.) D. Jaeger-

3.)  Brandon Bohlke- Kingsley-Pierson

4.) L. Leidahl

5.) M. Johnsen

6.) A. Case

7.) T. Lovstuen or R. Collins

8.) T. Lovstuen or R. Collins


  • I don’t remember when that band, Jimmy Eat World came out, but every time I think of Jimmy Waters, that band’s name comes into my mind because that guy would eat the world if the world wanted to wrestle him… or do anything, really.  He was a multisporter.  My favorite type of wrestler… the multisporter.  To anyone who didn’t get to see him in his day, sorry you missed out.  He won, what, 3 titles in HS? Placed 2nd the other year?   Chose to play baseball, I believe and more power to him if that’s what made him happy, for he was capable of doing about anything at a high level.
  • Brandon Bohlke is another multi-state champ. He won it as a Freshman and Senior. I believe he quit as a Sophomore and placed 7th or 8th the other year.  He was awesome.
  • Just take a look at some of these matches that took place in this bracket! Wow.
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  • Stephen Stonebraker March 5, 2020, 9:39 am

    That is Tony Luvston in 8th place. Tony is originally from Albia but he ended up wrestling for Centerville later on. I believe in high school he took 2nd at the State tournament as a junior and third as a senior. He may have placed as a sophomore too.

    He for the record, was also an avid hunter & shot the biggest buck ever shot in the United States.

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