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When Trent Paulson Became the Iowa AAU GOAT

With AAU going on this weekend, I figured it’d be a cool thing to remind everyone of who the original King of the AAU was. Trent Paulson, from Council Bluffs Lewis Central was the first kid to ever win either 5 or 6 titles… I want to say it was 5, but the announcer in the video says 6. Ryan Morningstar followed a couple years after by winning his 6th.

This video was taken by the late Deb Johnson… she was the mother of Chad, Chris, Cathy and Cindy Johnson… all 4 wrestled, all for our club. She used to do such cool stuff. Taping all the AAU podium pics from the crowd is one of them. She also used to make these 5-10 segments 2-3 times per weekend where she’d film every mat for 10 seconds then switch. Wait til you guys see those! But big thanks to Debbie, for without her and her son Chad, I wouldn’t have accesss to this cool stuff.

1.) Trent Paulson
2.) Jason Brown
3.) Kirk Artist
4.) Robbie Hessenius
5.) Tyson Viet
6.) Jesse Drahos
7.) Jason Brown
8.) Adam Graham

* I want to say that at least 7 of these 8 placed in HS. I am unsure about Graham.

* 4 of these guys (at least) were state finalists: Hutchinson, Paulson, Drahos and Artist.

3 of these guys were state champs in HS: Trent Paulson, Kirk Artist and Jesse Drahos.

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