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A Few Interesting Connections Between Dan Knight (Clinton) and Brody Teske (Fort Dodge)

Dan Knight- Clinton, 1987, 4 time unbeaten state champ.

Brody Teske- Fort Dodge, 4X state champ in 2018.


Brody Teske and Dan Knight… what do they have in common or how are they connected? Well that’s easy! Both were 4 time state champs, Einstein!!!  Yes… both were 4 time state champs, but there are some additional parallels between the two…

  • To start, both were 4 timers.
  • Both were in class 3A.
  • Both started out at the lightest weight as Freshmen.
  • Both won their 4th titles at 3A-126 lbs.
  • Both pinned their opponents in the 1st period to win their 4th titles…

BUT, the coolest connection between these two can be found in this video at the 3:50 mark:

Danny Teske placed 4th. Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t that Brody’s dad?

Imagine that… while Dan Teske is standing on that podium with Dan Knight, who is receiving a standing ovation for winning his 4th, it probably didn’t occur to him that he would have a son to do the same thing in the same exact class at the same exact weight.  Fun stuff.

And to make things more ironic, they met up in the quarterfinals…

And to reach the quarterfinals, Teske had to get past future state champion, Doug Kjeldgaard. Doug is the brother of David Kjeldgaard, another guy who is widely considered to be the Iowa HS wrestling GOAT.

Small world.



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