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Gone, Lost & Forgotten: Their Best = Baltimore

By Stephen Stonebraker

Ten time Mason Dixon Conference champions, the Bees of Baltimore at one time had a very respectable wrestling program.  Today we look at two of their stars.

Fred Frommelt
130 lbs

An NCAA Qualifier for the Bees, Fred’s father also name Fred wrestled for the Bees in the 1950’s.  Frommelt came to Baltimore from Pasadena, Maryland where he won the 1972 state title for Northeast High School.

191 lbs
Dick Kohlhafer

A graduate of Poly High School, Kohlhafer participated in the 1960 NCAA tournament for the Bees.  Post graduation he coached at Northeast High School in Pasadena, Maryland.  He’s well known for his work as an amateur magician & his brother Al also wrestled for Baltimore.

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