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1998 AAU State Podium Pic C-125

  1. Johnny Galloway- Waterloo East/IC High
  2. Jeremy Gabel
  3. Quinton Moreno- Glenwood
  4. Aaron Butikofer- Manchester- West Delaware
  5. James Lange- Centerville
  6. Danny Elsbury- South Tama County
  7. Brent Lenox-
  8. Trevor Arbegast-Davenport Assumption.
  • At least 3 of these guys went on to win state in high school. Lange, Galloway and Arbegast.
  • At least 4 of these guys wrestled in the finals in HS (add Elsbury to the 3 champs).
  • At least 6 of the 8 places (I am unsure of how Gabel and Lenox did) qualified for state. I know Butikofer was a legend killer at the state tournament his JR year and made top 8 that year. Moreno placed 2-3 times at least.
  • This is the year Galloway really stepped things up a level. He went on to place 4 times and win 3 titles in high school. Here is an interview with him and his HC from Iowa City High, Brad Smith when he was a Senior:

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