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1991 2A 140 IA State HS Podium Pic


1. Tony Dougherty, Norwalk
2. Corey Johnson, Garner-Hayfield
3. Brian Sovereign, Cresco, Crestwood
4. Dan Sperry, Independence
5. Lee Klinkenborg, Parkersburg
6. Dave McAllister, Washington


* It’s pretty cool how I got ahold of this podium pic. On one of the podium pics we posted a couple weeks ago, we received a comment from someone who was requesting this podium for he wanted to see the 3rd place guy, Brian Sovereign from Cresco, Crestwood’s pic. I hadn’t heard of Sovereign before this exchange, but I kind of pieced together that unfortunately, he is no longer with us. Not sure what happened. Anyways, someone named Kurt J. (not sure if he wants his full name disclosed in the article or not), was kind enough to respond and informed him that he would try to contact one of his Crestwood friends to find a copy of it and send it over… and that he did! Incredible fans and athletes we have in this sport.  Big shout out to Kurt!

* I remember none of these guys other than Dave McCallister from Washington who was a FREAK! In the first ever Mepo dual I ever watched as a kid, I remember him tech-falling one of our future placerwinners. Racked up the score quickly, like it was nothing. He had to have placed at least 2-3 times… pretty sure this was his first of 3 podium trips… That guy was crazy good.


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