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Midlands Round of 16 Results, Quarterfinal Matchups and Various Thoughts

For our D1 Rankings, compiled by Joshua Portillo, please click here. 


For the preview for this tournament, by Stephen Stonebraker, please click here.

Nelson Brands (Iowa)

Nolan Hellickson, Harvard, formerly of SE Polk HS

  • 125: Nolan Hellickson (Harvard) vs. Kyle Biscoglia (UNI) was a very interesting match to see, for I always considered them to be Iowa High School’s Class of ’15 and ’18 versions of each other. Both won several AAU titles coming into HS, Hellickson won 6, and both had to sit out from varsity competition their Freshmen seasons, for they were both undersized and both were behind a couple of the top guys in the state when they were Freshmen who had already grown into the weight. I believe Hellickson was at Dowling and was behind Tanner Rohweder at 106 that year (or maybe he was behind Meyer from SEP as a Freshman?) Biscoglia was behind Jakob Allison, I believe as a Freshman at Waukee.  He could have wrestled some varsity at 113 that year, but would have been incredibly undersized.  Anyways, those two met up. Hellickson won by a MD or almost an MD, but the entire match was pretty hard-fought and it was fun to see both of them wrestle again. 
  • 133: Ranked #1, Austin Desanto scored, what, 5 TD’s first period, and then was slowed down by Hernandez. That’s the only way I can explain it.  He didn’t stop wrestling, he didn’t seem to slow his intensity down, he kept pushing the pace… Hernandez just seemed to slow things down for a while there.  Desanto was up 11-5 late, but with a riding point and I believe another TD at the end, he secured a 14-5 MD. 
  • 141: #12 Ranked Michael Blockhus (UNI) won with 2 seconds left vs. Purdue opponent, #25 ranked, Parker Fillius.  Fillius was ahead at one point in the 2nd period by 2-3 points and Blockhus began tacking on the points and secured that final TD to win with, as mentioned, 2 seconds left.  Blockhus pointed at his head at the end in what appeared to be a little, “keeping my head in the game” celebration and it was perfect, for his presence of mind is what won the match for him.  
  • 133: #5 ranked, Sebastian Rivera of Northwesterm was slowed down a bit as well against Marten from Central Michigan for a couple minutes there. I say slowed down, for it seemed like he scored his first takedown in a millisecond.  Rivera did end up pulling away with it, however and ended up winning the match, 13-2. 
  • 149: Jacob Butler from Oklahoma had the place on alert for a potential upset against #1 Ranked Austin O’Connor from North Carolina.  O’Connor from UNC started tacking on a lead with about a minute left in the 2nd period. I want to say that Butler held a 1-2 point lead until that point, though.  O’Connor ended up winning big, 20-8.
  • 141: Carter Happel from Iowa took #11 ranked Josh Heil from Campbell into OT and was in deep on a shot, but looked like his hands slipped…Happel’s frustration was very evident at the end. He is just..right there…

Kendall Coleman- Purdue

  • 157: #6 ranked Kendall Coleman of Purdue looked great against Paden Moore of UNI… put him to his back a couple few times in the first minute when he was awarded the pin. The kid looked unbelievable, really.

Markus Hartman of ARMY

  • 157: #4 ranked Quincy Monday vs. Markus Hartman of ARMY. Quincy took him down smoothly, got ridden out in the 3rd  and almost turned with a plethora of turks, etc. from Hartman’s legride. In OT, Monday was in deep on a shot and Hartman kept funking out of it…Hartman even went as far as jumping over Monday’s whizzer, which is usually asking to sign your own death warrant and Monday almost put him away. Hartman was awarded the 2 at the end with a cradle defense to a Monday shot… was challenged, but not overturned. This Markus Hartman has a pretty unique style. He would be frustrating as hell to wrestle against. 
  • 165: #26 Danny Braunagel (ILL) vs. #23 Shayne Oster (Northwestern). Hard fought win by Braunagel.  Wasn’t anything flashy about this one.  Just a good, basics-heavy, solid win by Danny Braunagel, out of Althoff Catholic in Illionois.
  • Abe Assad (Iowa) vs. #26 Travis Stefanik (Princeton)…Assad initially lost this one in regulation, but the call was overturned. Assad bounced back in OT and had a nice shot defense-to reshot TD in OT. Everyone was pretty pumped up about this one. 
  • 184: Nelson Brands has solidified himself as a crowd-pleaser/crowd-favorite because of his style and his motor and I think this will remain consistent throughout what ends up being the entirety of his career.  Goodness, it’s like the dude was created in a test tube in some sort of wrestler-manufacturing lab.  He is wrestling at 184, but is smaller for the weight. Still looks like he has the ability to fill in to the weight eventually. Combine that with the fact that he is able to wrestle like a 125 lber.  Well, I mean… the kid did wrestle 125 lbs at one point in time, but that was his Freshman year…of HS…5 years ago… Iowa fans are going to have fun watching him do his thing in the future. Nelson Brands vs. Caleb Hopkins of Campbell was close until Brands scored that backdoor reversal on Hopkins.  Then Brands started tacking on the points.  He was a half second away from getting major, but time expired the moment he finished what would have been a final TD. He won 15-9.
  • 184: Zach Braunagel (Illinois) vs. Nelson Brands (Iowa) next round.  This is pretty fun, because I swear these two are building what seems to be a fun little rivalry that has spanned since Braunagel was in HS at Althoff Catholic and Brands was at IC West.  For some reason, I am thinking that Braunagel and Brands met up at Fargo and then once last year at an open?  Both will really want this one, I can guarantee that!  This keeps up, we will have to name their rivalry, “Brandsagel.”  Or is it Danny Braunagel (165) that Nelson always ran into? Maybe Zach Braunagel is the one that used to meet up with Joel Shapiro? Either way, Brands and Braunagel…always a good one with those two last names.  
  • #15 ranked Jay Aillo (UVA) vs. JT Brown (ARMY). This match was hard fought and I thought there would be fireworks towards the middle of the match. Aillo ended up pulling through and looked good.  

Quarterfinal pairings (with seeds)

125 pounds
No. 1 Spencer Lee (Iowa) vs. Nolan Hellickson (Harvard)
No. 4 Drew Hildebrandt (Central Michigan) vs. No. 5 Michael Deaugustino (Northwestern)
No. 3 Brock Hudkins (Indiana) vs. No. 6 Michael Colaiocco (Penn)
No. 2 Pat Glory (Princeton) vs. No. 10 Chris Cannon (Northwestern)

133 pounds
No. 1 Austin DeSanto (Iowa) vs. No. 8 Carmen Ferrante (Penn)
No. 4 Travis Piotrowski (Illinois) vs. No. 5 Noah Gonser (Campbell)
No. 3 Sebastian Rivera (Northwestern) vs. No. 6 Louie Hayes (Virginia)
No. 2 Seth Gross (Wisconsin) vs. No. 10 Colin Valdiviez (Northwestern)

141 pounds
No. 1 Max Murin (Iowa) vs. No. 9 Dylan Duncan (Illinois)
No. 4 Michael Blockhus (Northern Iowa) vs. No. 5 Shakur Laney (Ohio)
No. 3 Joshua Heil (Campbell) vs. No. 11 Salvatore Profaci (American)
No. 2 Tristan Moran (Wisconsin) vs. No. 7 Zach Sherman (North Carolina)

149 pounds
No. 1 Austin O’Connor (North Carolina) vs. Jeren Glosser (Iowa)
No. 12 Vincent Turk (Iowa) vs. Michael Murphy (Virginia)
No. 3 Max Thomsen (Northern Iowa) vs. Tyshawn Williams (SIUE)
No. 4 Pat Lugo (Iowa) vs. Tres Leon (U. of the Cumberlands)

157 pounds
No. 8 Logan Parks (Central Michigan) vs. Markus Hartman (Army West Point)
No. 4 Anthony Artalona (Penn) vs. No. 5 Justin Ruffin (SIUE)
No. 3 Kendall Coleman (Purdue) vs. No. 6 AC Headlee (North Carolina)
No. 2 Kaleb Young (Iowa) vs. No. 7 Zac Carson (Ohio)

165 pounds
No. 1 Alex Marinelli (Iowa) vs. No. 9 Philip Conigliaro (Harvard)
No. 5 Zachary Hartman (Bucknell) vs. Jake Keating (Virginia)
No. 3 David McFadden (Virginia Tech) vs. No. 11 Danny Braunagel (Illinois)
No. 2 Evan Wick (Wisconsin) vs. No. 7 Quentin Perez (Campbell)

174 pounds
No. 1 Dylan Lydy (Purdue) vs. No. 8 Clay Lautt (North Carolina)
No. 4 Ben Harvey (Army West Point) vs. No. 5 Jacob Covaciu (Indiana)
No. 3 Joey Gunther (Illinois) vs. Jared Krattiger (Wisconsin)
No. 2 Bryce Steiert (Northern Iowa) vs. Victor Marcelli (Virginia)

184 pounds
No. 1 Taylor Lujan (Northern Iowa) vs. No. 8 Johnny Sebastian (Wisconsin)
No. 4 Noah Stewart (Army West Point) vs. No. 5 Andrew Morgan (Campbell)
No. 3 Tanner Harvey (American) vs. No. 11 Abe Assad (Iowa)
No. 2 Nelson Brands (Iowa) vs. No. 7 Zachary Braunagel (Illinois)

197 pounds
No. 1 Jacob Warner (Iowa) vs. No. 9 Gage Braun (Northern Illinois)
No. 5 Jay Aiello (Virginia) vs. No. 13 Alexander Hopkins (Army West Point)
No. 3 Christian Brunner (Purdue) vs. No. 6 Lucas Davison (Northwestern)
No. 2 Pat Brucki (Princeton) vs. No. 7 Drew Phipps (Bucknell)

285 pounds
No. 1 Anthony Cassioppi (Iowa) vs. No. 8 Zach Elam (Missouri)
No. 4 Jere Heino (Campbell) vs. No. 5 Carter Isley (Northern Iowa)
No. 3 Matt Stencel (Central Michigan) vs. No. 11 Yaraslau Slavikouski (Harvard)
No. 2 Trent Hillger (Wisconsin) vs. Bobby Heald (Army West Point)

Round of 16 results

125 pounds
Spencer Lee (Iowa) F Christian Moody (Oklahoma), 0:52
Nolan Hellickson (Harvard) DEC Kyle Biscoglia (Northern Iowa), 8-2
Michael Deaugustino (Northwestern) DEC Bryce West (Northern Illinois), 8-2
Drew Hildebrandt (Central Michigan) MD Korbin Meink (Campbell), 8-0
Brock Hudkins (Indiana) MD Antonio Lorenzo (Cal Poly), 8-0
Michael Colaiocco (Penn) MD Justin Cardani (Illinois), 10-2
Chris Cannon (Northwestern) F Jacob Schwarm (Northern Iowa), 5:51
Pat Glory (Princeton) TF Noah Surtin (Missouri), 18-0 5:33

133 pounds
Austin Desanto (Iowa) MD Jaime Hernandez (North Carolina), 14-5
Carmen Ferrante (Penn) DEC Lucas Byrd (Illinois), 4-3
Noah Gonser Campbell) DEC Lane Peters (Army West Point), 5-3
Travis Piotrowski (Illinois) DEC Brock Bergelin (Central Michigan), 6-1
Sebastian Rivera (Northwestern) MD Ty Agaisse (Princeton), 13-3
Louie Hayes (Virginia) F Savion Haywood (Omega Training Center), 5:36
Colin Valdiviez (Northwestern) DEC Paul Glynn (Iowa), 1-0
Seth Gross (Wisconsin) TF Joe Heilmann (North Carolina), 18-3 7:00

141 pounds
Max Murin (Iowa) DEC Doug Zapf (Penn), 7-1
Dylan Duncan (Illinois) DEC Matt Kazimir (Columbia), 8-2
Shakur Laney (Ohio) MD Wilfredo Gil (Franklin & Marshall), 14-6
Michael Blockhus (Northern Iowa) DEC Parker Filius (Purdue), 9-7
Joshua Heil (Campbell) DEC Carter Happel (Iowa), 3-1 SV
Salvatore Profaci (American) DEC Dresden Simon (Central Michigan), 6-5
Zach Sherman (North Carolina) MD Justin Stickley (Iowa), 15-3
Tristan Moran (Wisconsin) DEC Troy Stanich (Stevens Institute), 4-3

149 pounds
Austin O’Connor (North Carolina) MD Jacob Butler (Oklahoma), 20-8
Jeren Glosser (Iowa) DEC Kizhan Clarke (American), 2-1 SV
Vincent Turk (Iowa) DEC Kanen Storr (Michigan), 3-1 SV
Michael Murphy (Virginia) DEC Graham Rooks (Indiana), 4-3
Max Thomsen (Northern Iowa) DEC Brett Kaliner (Stevens Institute), 9-2
Tyshawn Williams (SIUE) DEC Griffin Parriott (Purdue), 3-1 SV
Tres Leon (U. of the Cumberlands) MD Jake Bergeland (Minnesota), 11-3
Pat Lugo (Iowa) MD Mason Smith (Campbell), 11-3

157 pounds
Markus Hartman (Army West Point) DEC Quincy Monday (Princeton), 4-2 SV
Logan Parks (Central Michigan) DEC Justin Mccoy (Virginia), 7-2
Justin Ruffin (SIUE) MD Ethan Karsten (American), 10-0
Anthony Artalona (Penn) F Eric Barone (Illinois), 6:02
Kendall Coleman (Purdue) F Paden Moore (Northern Iowa), 1:13
Ac Headlee (North Carolina) DEC Drew Scharenbrock (Wisconsin), 8-3
Zac Carson (Ohio) DEC Josh Mcclure (North Carolina), 8-5
Kaleb Young (Iowa) DEC Michael Petite (Buffalo), 7-5

165 pounds
Alex Marinelli (Iowa) F Jake Stiles (Oklahoma), 4:07
Philip Conigliaro (Harvard) DEC Kennedy Monday (North Carolina), 7-5
Zachary Hartman (Bucknell) DEC Cameron Amine (Michigan), 7-3
Jake Keating (Virginia) DEC Cael Mccormick (Army West Point), 8-6
David McFadden (Virginia Tech) DEC Izzak Olejnik (Northern Illinois), 8-3
Danny Braunagel (Illinois) DEC Shayne Oster (Northwestern), 10-6
Quentin Perez (Campbell) TF Grant Cuomo (Princeton), 19-0 6:23
Evan Wick (Wisconsin) DEC Adam Kemp (Fresno State), 6-1

174 pounds
Dylan Lydy (Purdue) DEC David Riojas (Illinois), 4-0
Clay Lautt (North Carolina) DEC Donnell Washington (Indiana), 5-1
Jacob Covaciu (Indiana) DEF Trey Sizemore (Illinois), 7-1 4:32
Ben Harvey (Army West Point) DEC Nathan Dugan (Princeton), 6-1
Joey Gunther (Illinois) DEC Brandon Martino (Fresno State), 2-1 TB2
Jared Krattiger (Wisconsin) DEC Tyler Morland (Northwestern), 3-2
Victor Marcelli (Virginia) DEC Kevin Parker (Princeton), 4-0
Bryce Steiert (Northern Iowa) MD Joshua Kim (Harvard), 9-1

184 pounds
Taylor Lujan (Northern Iowa) F Trent Tracy (Cal Poly), 2:12
Johnny Sebastian (Wisconsin) DEC Cash Wilcke (Iowa), 3-2
Andrew Morgan (Campbell) MD Jack Jessen (Northwestern), 11-3
Noah Stewart (Army West Point) DEC Robert Striggow (Michigan), 6-0
Tanner Harvey (American) MD Hunter Cruz (Fresno State), 18-6
Abe Assad (Iowa) DEC Travis Stefanik (Princeton), 5-3 SV
Zachary Braunagel (Illinois) MD Anthony Orozco (Menlo), 12-4
Nelson Brands (Iowa) DEC Caleb Hopkins (Campbell), 15-9

197 pounds
Jacob Warner (Iowa) MD Jake Boyd (Oklahoma), 9-1
Gage Braun (Northern Illinois) DEC Hunter Ritter (Minnesota), 7-3
Jay Aiello (Virginia) DEC J.t. Brown (Army West Point), 5-3
Alexander Hopkins (Army West Point) DEC Thomas Lane (Cal Poly), 6-5
Christian Brunner (Purdue) MD Matt Wroblewski (Illinois), 14-1
Lucas Davison (Northwestern) DEC Aaron Bolo (Central Michigan), 9-4
Drew Phipps (Bucknell) DEC Brandon Whitman (North Carolina), 7-4
Pat Brucki (Princeton) DEC Landon Pelham (Central Michigan), 10-4

285 pounds
Anthony Cassioppi (Iowa) F Thomas Penola (Purdue), 1:31
Zach Elam (Missouri) DEC Quinn Miller (Virginia), 4-3
Carter Isley (Northern Iowa) DEC Ben Sullivan (Army West Point), 3-2
Jere Heino (Campbell) DEC Aaron Costello (Iowa), 3-2
Matt Stencel (Central Michigan) F Max Ihry DeKalb, IL (Northern Illinois), 0:35
Yaraslau Slavikouski (Harvard) DEC Josh Hokit (Fresno State), 8-7
Bobby Heald (Army West Point) DEC Andrew Gunning (North Carolina), 5-4
Trent Hillger (Wisconsin) DEC Luke Luffman (Illinois), 4-0

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