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2013: 2A 170 Podium Pic and Recap

1st: Adam Drain, Mepo, JR, 48-1

2nd: Brice Wilcke, Clear Lake, SR, 38-4

3rd: Eric Lux, South Tama, SR, 50-1

4th: Cash Wilcke, SO, OA-BCIG, 41-6

5th: Seth Davisson, Fairfield, SR, 39-7

6th: Jack Leshen, Grinnell, SR, 43-8

7th: Aaron Crossett, Knoxville, SR, 38-6

8th: Matthew Williamson, Glenwood, SR, 40-12


* Lux and Drain met the year before with Lux winning. A lot of people considered it a foregone conclusion that Lux and Drain would meet in the finals, but it didn’t happen. Lux was beaten by Jack Leshen of Grinnell first round and wrestled all the way back for 3rd place, defeating Leshen in the consolation semis. Lux went on to wrestle at UNI for a bit… I know he and Drew Foster had batttles for varsity 5 or so years ago.

* Drain was an insanely close match away from not making the finals himself. He had a barn burner with Cash Wilcke in the semis. One of the best matches of the tournament. Drain ended up winning that one 3-1. Wilcke has gone on to wrestle for the Hawkeyes. Drain wrestled at UNI for a couple-few years.

* Adam Drain smiled big on the podium every year. Whether he placed 1st or 7th, or had a broken hand, he was smiling huge on that podium.

* I always wondered if Brice and Cash (Wilcke) were related. I thought it was crazy that Drain had a Wilcke in the semis and a Wilcke in the finals.

* At least 3-4 of Davisson’s 7 losses that year were to Drain because we wrestled them a lot and those two met up basically everywhere that both teams were at except state. Finals at Mepo Inv., Sectionals and Districts for sure!

* Jack Leshen from Grinnell had a helluva tournament. Defeated the returning state champ first round and was an OT match with Brice Wilcke away from making the finals.

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