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When Adam Drain and Christopher Johnson (WBND) Won the World Championships

Adam Drain from Mediapolis and Christopher Johnson from WBND were in the same youth club growing up. They were part of the Burlington-Mediapolis-WB Hybrid Program.  Other member of this program included myself, Justin Swafford, Brad Lower, Micah Keller, Matt Keller, Aaron Drain, Phillip Klees, Adam Roberts, Stew Holloway, Ross Patton, Riley Ball, etc.


Both these guys had great careers in HS. Adam placed 7th, 3rd, 1st and 4th, I believe and Christopher qualified 3 times and placed 3rd twice. The thing about Christopher though is that while he did fantastic on the HS scene, he stepped it up on the National and World scene. He won at least two of these events, maybe more. I can’t even count how many National and world events Adam Drain won. There were a lot. Anyways, I thought this article was pretty interesting.

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