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1998 Iowa State Wrestling 1A 119 Write-up and Podium Pic


Tony Sweeting, Sr., Highland, Riverside
Jeremiah Butteris, So., Lisbon
Shane Clouser, Jr., Gilbert
Erich Hinschberger, Jr., Belle Plaine
Damon Boorn, Jr., Wilton
Andy Beaver, Sr., Woodbury Central, Moville


  • Goodness, Tony Sweeting… I was a Freshman that year.  He was so good, that nobody really spoke about the mere possibility that he could even be beaten that year.  It just seemed like a foregone conclusion that he was going to win.


  •  About a month after the state tourney, I ran into Butteris at a Freestyle tournament at Belle Plaine and when I saw him I was energetic and was like, “DUDE!!! Great job at state this year!!!” He got a very sad expression on his face and quietly said, “thank you,” and looked at me as if he were trying to figure out whether I was being serious or not.  I was being serious. I thought 2nd at state as a Sophomore was awesome and that losing to Tony Sweeting was something that would happen to anybody who wrestled him.  It was at that moment that I realized, “holy cow, some guys have loftier goals and higher expectations for themselves than I do. I should try to step it up.” The thought of actually beating Sweeting wouldn’t have come to my mind, being an underclassmen that year and all. And here was JJ, a guy who had been my size and weight for 5 years and only a year older, he was pissed off that he lost to him. I guess that’s the difference between a 2 time state champion and a one time placer.


  •  I believe Butteris threw Sweeting to his back in the finals match. Made the crowd roar.  Nobody really ever saw Sweeting in a compromised situation like that so it was kind of surreal.


  •  Damon Boorn and Nick Marolf from Columbus Jct. had a battle earlier that year.
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