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1st Place: Zach Barnes- SE Polk

2nd Place: Alex Thomsen- Underwood

3rd Place: Austin Yant- Waverly- Shell Rock

4th Place: Jackson Feldman- Dyersville Beckman

5th Place: Aden Reeves- Albia

6th Place: Duncan McCain- Mid Prairie


* HOLE-E….Cow.

* So 5 of these guys placed at state in high school. Barnes-Thomsen-Yant-McCain and Reeves. I’m not sure how Feldman did as a Senior. I know he dealt with injuries in HS, but heard he moved out of state and I’m guessing he did well where he was…no clue?

* 4 of these guys are wrestling at the D1 level right now. Barnes is at Campbell, Thomsen is at Nebraska, Reeves is at Iowa State and Yant is at UNI. McCain wrestlers at Loras.


* 4 of these guys were state finalists… Barnes, Thomsen, Yant, Reeves.


* 3 of these guys were state champs. Barnes won as a Senior, Thomsen won 4 and Reeves won 2 and his Senior season was cut short due to injury.



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