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Wrestler Art: Bruce Lee


“Bruce Lee” by Brennan Swafford

Most people know my brother Brennan for his shenanigans on the mat, the football field and the track. However, many people may not know that he was an accomplished artist in high school and is currently majoring in graphic design at Graceland University. I am not sure what award this picture won, but this picture was an art version of state champ in its category.

We are pretty vocal about this site being a place where wrestlers’ “off the mat” creations, accolades and shenanigans are covered, for it is a good look for wrestling, considering the mental skills a wrestler picks up on, likely contributed to their successes. With that said, if you have created anything like art, photography, video, etc. or have had success off the mat whether it be in other sports or in life, please send your work or fill us in and we will showcase your creations and accolades for you!

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