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AAU Podium Pic: 1994 A-60


1st: Justin Swafford- Mepo

2nd: Brad Leyse (can’t remember where he was from…I wanna say Newton)

3rd: Derek Webb- SE Polk

4th: Jason Brown- Lemars

5th: Dan Helgeson- Lake Mills

6th: Gabe Rostermundt- Lewis Central

7th: Ryan Osgood- Mason City

8th: Zach (or Tyler?) Ziesman- Iowa Falls


* 3 of these guys became state champs in HS…Rostermundt, Osgood and Swafford. Ironically, they were also teammates at UNI in college. Helgeson was runner-up to Mack Reiter when Reiter won his 4th… at least I THINK that’s Dan Helgeson in the pic… I know it’s a Helgeson. I’m not 100% sure how the other guys did.. I know Ziesman was pretty scrappy in HS.

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