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2002 Iowa Cadet Fargo All-Americans (Mack Reiter and Justin Swafford) and their Shenanigans After the Tourney

In 2000, Iowa had two Cadet wrestlers to become All-American’s at the Fargo National Tournament. Mack Reiter from Don Bosco, a 4 time state champ won it and Justin Swafford from Mediapolis, a state champ and 3 time finalist placed 4th.


Mack and Justin spent a pretty good amount of time together and 99% of this time was spent on the wrestling mat trying to kill each other. However, they did have their fun moments!

From Left to Right: Hooters chick, Hooters chick, Mack Reiter, Hooters Chick, Justin Swafford, Hooters Chick, Hooters chick.


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