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NCAA Division One Rankings, January Edition (1-31-19)

125 Pound Rankings - NCAA Division One

New Comers:

Eric Barnett pinned Alex Thomsen and has also beaten Malik Heinselman.

Luke Werner has beaten Trey Chalifoux, Killian Cardinale, and Dom LaJoie. The man started the year in redshirt, but is on pace to win a couple matches at the big dance.

Trey Chalifoux has beaten Gage Curry, Jack Medley, Justin Cardani, and Liam Cronin. A couple of tough losses are what previously held him out.

Liam Cronin has recovered an injured Brock Hudkins spot in the lineup, and has freshly (and hugely) upset both Devin Schroder and Nico Aguilar.

Brandon Meredith replaces Teske. He has a huge upset over Mr. Colaiocco.

Dom LaJoie has beaten Nolan Hellickson and ex-ranked Joe Manchio of Columbia. He has been coming on strong for Cornell lately.

Nolan Hellickson has beaten Manchio himself as well as Jay Schwarm. He had an awesome Midlands.


Brock Hudkins (Indiana, prev. 6) is injured and out for the year. 

Brody Teske (Penn State, prev. 25) has transferred to UNI.  

Cole Verner (WYO, prev. 23) seems to be done for the year. 

Jace Koelzer (No. Colorado, prev. 22) took a loss to Brandon Kaylor (Oregon State).

Joe Manchio (Columbia, prev. 30) took losses to LaJoie and Hellickson, and is slid out as a result.

Jon Tropea (Rider, prev. 31) lost to Caleb Smith and Sean Carter (both of App State) as well as Lucas Rodriguez of Edinboro.

  1. Spencer Lee (Iowa) [1]
  2. Jack Mueller (Virginia) [2]
  3. Pat Glory (Princeton) [3]
  4. Nick Piccininni (Ok. State) [4] 
  5. Brandon Paetzell (Lehigh) [6]
  6. Michael Colaiocco (Penn) [17]
  7. Devin Schroder (Purdue) [5]
  8. Michael DeAugustino (Northwestern) [9]
  9. Drew Hildebrandt (Central Michigan) [8]
  10. Brandon Courtney (Arizona State) [14]
  11. Alex Mackall (Iowa State) [10]
  12. Pat McKee (Minnesota) [19]
  13. Eric Barnett (Wisconsin) [NR]
  14. Alex Thomsen (Nebraska) [20]
  15. Danny Vega (SD State) [29]
  16. Jacob Schwarm (Northern Iowa) [15]
  17. Luke Werner (Lock Haven) [NR]
  18. Killian Cardinale (Old Dominion) [11]
  19. Nico Aguilar (Rutgers) [12]
  20. Joey Prata (Virginia Tech) [13]
  21. Justin Cardani (Illinois) [32]
  22. Jack Medley (Michigan) [26]
  23. Jakob Camacho (NC State) [27]
  24. Malik Heinselman (Ohio State) [21]
  25. Fabian Gutierrez (Chattanooga) [24]
  26. Trey Chalifoux (Army) [NR]
  27. Liam Cronin (Indiana) [NR]
  28. Gage Curry (American) [28]
  29. Sidney Flores (Air Force) [18]
  30. Brandon Meredith (Penn State) [NR]
  31. Bryce West (Northern Illinois) [33]
  32. Dominic LaJoie (Cornell) [NR]
  33. Nolan Hellickson (Harvard) [NR]

Wrestler’s name (team) [previous ranking].

133 Pound Rankings - NCAA Division One

New Number One:

Seth Gross takes over the #1 spot, as he won Midlands with wins over both Sebastian Rivera and Mr. Desanto.


New Comers:

Jordan Decatur’s redshirt has been pulled. He beat Josh Kramer in his debut. He replaces teammates Quinn Kinner/Dylan Koontz.

Joey Silva is finally starting to see some action for Michigan. He beat Garrett Pepple in his debut.

Zach Price pinned Allan Hart. He also has a win over ex-ranked Chance Rich of Bakersfield and is having a very solid year.

Codi Russell has 2 wins over bubble contenders: Paul Bianchi of Little Rock and Jamie Hernandez of North Carolina. He has also beaten 33rd ranked DJ Fehlman and is placed right above him. 


Zach Trampe (Binghamton, 27) has been removed for inactivity.

Mario Gullien (Ohio, 29) has also been inactive lately.

Tye Varndell (Edinboro, 28) lost to Josh Mason (Bloomsburg), Anthony Cefelo (Rider), and Shannon Hanna (Old Dominion).

  1. Seth Gross (Wisconsin) [2]
  2. Austin Desanto (Iowa) [1]
  3. Sebastian Rivera (Northwestern) [5]
  4. Roman Bravo-Young (Penn State) [3]
  5. Mickey Phillipi (Pittsburgh) [4]
  6. Chaz Tucker (Cornell) [7]
  7. Montorie Bridges (Wyoming) [8]
  8. Sammy Alvarez (Rutgers) [22]
  9. Cam Sykora (ND State) [6]
  10. Travis Piotrowski (Illinois) [9]
  11. Noah Gonser (Campbell) [10]
  12. Taylor Lamont (Utah Valley) [12]
  13. Devan Turner (Oregon State) [14]
  14. Ridge Lovett (Nebraska) [15]
  15. Todd Small (Iowa State) [17]
  16. Tim Rooney (Kent State) [26]
  17. Derek Spann (Buffalo) [13]
  18. Jordan Decatur (Ohio State) [NR]
  19. Nick Farro (Lehigh) [21]
  20. Allan Hart (Missouri) [19]
  21. Jarrett Trombley (NC State) [32]
  22. Louie Hayes (Virginia) [20]
  23. Jack Skudzlarcyk (Northern Iowa) [33]
  24. Mosha Schwartz (Northern Colorado) [16]
  25. Reece Witcraft (OK State) [23]
  26. Anthony Madrigal (Oklahoma) [24]
  27. Joey Silva or Austin Assad (Michigan) [NR]
  28. Collin Gerardi (Virginia Tech) [25]
  29. Garrett Pepple (Michigan State) [30]
  30. Josh Kramer (Arizona State) [11]
  31. Zach Price (South Dakota St.) [NR]
  32. Codi Russell (App. State) [NR]
  33. DJ Fehlman (Lock Haven) [31]

Wrestler’s name (team) [previous ranking].

141 Pound Rankings - NCAA Division One

New Comers:

Doug Zapf might be my favorite emerging lightweight in the country. He is fun to watch and has beaten Sa’Derian Perry, Matt Kazimir, and Corey Shie. 

Sal Profaci has beaten Kazimir, Parker Filius, Dresdon Simon, and Alex Madrigal. 

Dusty Hone seems to be the starter for the year for the OK State Hokies. He has beaten Tariq Wilson, Kyle Shoop, Madrigal and Cole Matthews, amongst others.

Peter Lipari was disgusted by Rutgers decision to pull JoJo Aragona’s redshirt (who is currently unrankable) and transferred to Rider for his last semester of eligibility. He has beaten Sa’Derian Perry as well as tough foes Brian Courtney (Virginia) and Navonte Demison (Arizona State).

Danny Moran has been seeing a good amount of time for Lehigh at 141. He has beaten Noah Baughman and a very tough NCAA Qualifier in Anthony Sparacio; although, he is not guaranteed to start with Ryan Pomrinca coming back from injury. 


Corey Shie (Army, 19) lost to Justin Stickley of Iowa and Lawrence Saenz of Fresno State, who are both (solid) back ups. Was it just a bad Midlands for Shie (he was 0-2, to the aforementioned)? Possibly so. 

JoJo Aragona (Rutgers, 22) lost to Parker Filius and Noah Baughman and is slid out. 

Parker Filius (Purdue, 25) lost to Alec McKenna of Northwestern.

Matt Kazimir (Columbia, 28) lost to Baughman and is too slid out.

Chris Sandoval (No. Colorado, 33) lost to ex-ranked Lenny Peterson (Air Force) and Angelo Martinoni (Bakersfield). 

* Of note, Angelo Martinoni is tough and has beaten Tariq Wilson, Pete Lipari, and Danny Moran; his losses to Sawyer Degen of North Dakota State and Trevor Jeffries of Wyoming hold him back.

  1. Nick Lee (Penn State) [1]
  2. Luke Pletcher (Ohio State) [2]
  3. Mitch McKee (Minnesota) [3]
  4. Dom Demas (Oklahoma) [4]
  5. Chad Red (Nebraska) [7]
  6. Max Murin (Iowa) [8]
  7. Tristan Moran (Wisconsin) [9]
  8. Ian Parker (Iowa State) [6]
  9. Real Woods (Stanford) [5]
  10. Josh Heil (Campbell) [11]
  11. Zach Sherman (North Carolina) [21]
  12. Dylan Duncan (Illinois) [27]
  13. Evan Cheek (Cleveland State) [16]
  14. DJ Lloren (Fresno State) [20]
  15. Doug Zapf (Penn) [NR]
  16. Sa’Derian Perry (Old Dominion) [14]
  17. Dresdon Simon (Central Michigan) [17]
  18. Shakur Laney (Ohio) [26]
  19. Michael Blockhus (Northern Iowa) [12]
  20. Sal Profaci (American) [NR]
  21. Dusty Hone or Kaden Gfeller (OK State) [NR]
  22. Tariq Wilson (NC State) [14]
  23. Mitch Moore (Virginia Tech) [15]
  24. Kyle Shoop (Lock Haven) [18]
  25. Alex Madrigal (George Mason) [30]
  26. Grant Willits (Oregon State) [32]
  27. Peter Lipari (Rider) [NR]
  28. Grant Leeth (Missouri) [10]
  29. Danny Moran or Ryan Pomrinca (Lehigh) [NR]
  30. Cole Matthews (Pittsburgh) [23]
  31. Cole Mattin (Michigan) [24]
  32. Clay Carlson (SD State) [10]
  33. Noah Baughman (Cornell) [31]

Wrestler’s name (team) [previous ranking].

149 Pound Rankings - NCAA Division One

New Number One:

Sammy Sasso beat Pat Lugo and avenged his loss to Brayton Lee in back-to-back matches. In his only other loss, he was caught in pinned by Brent Moore but has since avenged it. It happens. 


New Comers:

Kanen Storr was the first person of the year to pull their Olympic Redshirt. He debuts at #12 after beating Cole Martin (Wisconsin), Alec Hagan (Ohio), Nate Limmex (Purdue) and Tyshawn Williams (SIUE). 

Colston DiBlasi is finally adapting to 149 after wrestling at 165 last year. He has beaten Josh Maruca, John Millner, and Russell Rohlfing. 

Watch out for John Millner. He is a dangerous man. He has beaten Leitten twice, Requir van der Merwe, Tanner Smith, Bryce Andonian and ranking-contender Jason Kraisser (Campbell).

AJ Leitten has beaten Denton Spencer, Tanner Smith, Hunter Richard twice, as well as Kraisser himself.

Hunter Richard has beaten Bryce Andonian, ex-ranked Gerard Angelo, and contenders Jaden Van Maanen (North Dakota State) and Alex Hrisopoulos (Michigan State).

Bryce Andonian has replaced teammate Brent Moore, who I am in the understanding has had a career-ending injury. We, The Pin Doctors, are thinking of you, Brent! Do whatever is best for you. Andonian has beaten Tanner Smith.

Graham Rooks has a couple of weird losses holding him back from being ranked even higher, but has crazy wins over Yahya Thomas (twice!) and Griffin Parriott.


This weight class is incredibly tough.

Ben Lamantia (Michigan, 19) is an extremely tough wrestler who is forced to sit the bench thanks to Storr ripping his Olympic Redshirt off.

Greg Gaxiola (Fresno State, 20) lost to Kenan Carter (Old Dominion) and Joshy Cortez (Cal Poly). 

Daxton Gordon (Oregon State, 22) lost to Seth Hogue (West Virginia) and is not going to be the starter, as Lane Stigall seems to be the guy. Stigall himself is a transfer from Missouri who has beaten Maruca and ex-ranked AJ Raya of Cal Baptist. 

Alec Hagan (Ohio, 30) lost to Tyshawn Williams (SIUE) and Jacob Butler (Oklahoma). He is slid from the rankings as a result. 

Gerard Angelo (Rutgers, 31) lost to Gino Fluri (Rider) and Kraisser (Campbell).

PJ Ogunsanya (Army, 32) lost to Tyshawn Williams and Jacob Butler, just like Alec Hagan did.

Mason Smith (Campbell, 33) lost to Lucas Revano of Penn. The aforementioned Jason Kraisser’s redshirt was pulled for Campbell, so I have to think he will be the guy going forward. 

* Ogunsanya and Hagan are still right on the bubble, respectively sitting at 35 and 36. Jacob Butler (Oklahoma) is 34, having beaten both of them.

  1. Sammy Sasso (Ohio State) [3]
  2. Patricio Lugo (Iowa) [6]
  3. Ausin O’Connor (North Carolina) [1]
  4. Boo Lewallen (OK State) [5]
  5. Brayton Lee (Minnesota) [2]
  6. Brock Mauller (Missouri) [4]
  7. Hank Pohlmeyer (SD State) [28]
  8. Max Thomsen (Northern Iowa) [10]
  9. Jarret Degen (Iowa State) [11]
  10. Brock Zacherl (Clarion) [9]
  11. Kizhan Clarke (American) [13]
  12. Kanen Storr (Michigan) [NR]
  13. Cole Martin (Wisconsin) [15]
  14. Collin Purinton (Nebraska) [12]
  15. Yahya Thomas (Northwestern) [7]
  16. Griffin Parriott or Nate Limmex (Purdue) [8]
  17. Andrew Alirez (Northern Colorado) [14]
  18. Mike D’Angelo (Princeton) [17]
  19. Jimmy Hoffman (Lehigh) [24]
  20. Jared Verkleeren (Penn State) [26]
  21. Colston DiBlasi (George Mason) [NR]
  22. Requir van der Merwe (Stanford) [16]
  23. Denton Spencer (Virginia) [27]
  24. Josh Maruca (Arizona State) [25]
  25. John Millner (App. State) [NR]
  26. Jaron Jensen (Wyoming) [21]
  27. AJ Lietten (NC State) [NR]
  28. Hunter Richard (Cornell) [NR]
  29. Bryce Andonian (Virginia Tech) [23]
  30. Tanner Smith (Chattanooga) [29]
  31. Graham Rooks (Indiana) [NR]
  32. Russell Rohlfing (Cal State Bakersfield) [18]
  33. Tyshawn Williams (Southern Illinois-Edwardsville) [25]

Wrestler’s name (team) [previous ranking].

157 Pound Rankings - NCAA Division One

New Comers:

Markus Hartman. What a revelation. Originally a back up, he had a crazy Midlands where he beat Quincy Monday, Anthony Artalona, and Logan Parks (via pin); he gave Kaleb Young all he could ask for in the finals, too. However… he still needs to beat out a tough Lucas Weiland for the starting job! 

How about Ryan Thomas (Minn.) finally seeing some action? He enters at 17 after beating Jarrett Jacques and Jacob Tucker. 

Wyatt Sheets emerges. He beat Matt Zovistoski and Taleb Rahmani, but did just take a loss to a solid Keaton Geerts of Northern Iowa. 


Mason Kauffman (Nothern Ill., 32) lost to Brawley Lamer, an extremely tough competitor from Cal Poly, and Ethan Karsten, an Iowa Central (JUCO) transfer to American U. 

Alex Klucker (Lock Haven, 33) lost to Avery Shay (Clarion) and Kolby Ho (George Mason).

  1. Ryan Deakin (Northwestern) [1]
  2. Hayden Hidlay (NC State) [2]
  3. David Carr (Iowa State) [3]
  4. Quincy Monday (Princeton) [4]
  5. Kaleb Young (Iowa) [5]
  6. Kendall Coleman (Purdue) [6]
  7. Jesse Dellavechia (Rider) [8]
  8. Brady Berge (Penn State) [9]
  9. Markus Hartman or Luke Weiland (Army) [NR/23]
  10. Larry Early (Old Dominion) [7]
  11. AC Headlee (North Carolina) [12]
  12. Will Lewan (Michigan) [13]
  13. Jacob Wright (Fresno State) [16]
  14. Matt Zovistoski (Appalachian State) [14]
  15. Anthony Artalona (Penn) [10]
  16. Josh Humphreys (Lehigh) [22]
  17. Ryan Thomas (Minnesota) [NR]
  18. Justin Thomas (Oklahoma) [15]
  19. Jacob Tucker (Michigan State) [25]
  20. Peyton Robb (Nebraska) [17]
  21. Wyatt Sheets (OK State) [NR]
  22. Jacori Teemer (Arizona State) [19]
  23. Zac Carson (Ohio) [28]
  24. Jarrett Jacques (Missouri) [11]
  25. BC LaPrade (Virginia Tech) [29]
  26. Jahi Jones (Maryland) [20]
  27. Taleb Rahmani (Pittsburgh) [21]
  28. Jared Franek (ND State) [30]
  29. Justin Ruffin (Southern Illinois – Edwardsville) [26]
  30. Logan Parks (Central Michigan) [27]
  31. Justin McCoy (Virginia) [18]
  32. Eric Barone (Illinois) [24]
  33. Mike Van Brill (Rutgers) [31]

Wrestler’s name (team) [previous ranking].

165 Pound Rankings - NCAA Division One

New Comers:

Tanner Cook is SOOO fun to watch. I’ve got to think people know he is going to hit an Elevator when they shoot, but he still gets it. Every time. He is extremely high flying and a treat to watch for the Jacks. He has beaten Drew Hughes, Luke Fortuna, Chase Straw, and a tough Shane Jones (Old Dominion).

Bernie Truax (Cal Poly) has beaten Izzak Olejnik and Chase Straw. The Straw win was an incredibly dominant 17-5 win. 

Izzak Olejnik has beaten Danny Braunagel and Shayne Oster.


Nick Kiussis (West Virginia) [20]: lost to Will Formato of App State and Jacob Thalin of Cal State Bakersfield. 

Shane Jones (Old Dominion) [25]: lost to Kyle Cochran (Maryland), Adam Kemp (Fresno State), and Jacob Lizak (Penn). 

Ricky Padilla (Fresno State) [33]: lost to Kyle Cochran and might also be on the move to 174, too, with the aforementioned Adam Kemp seemingly snagging the 165 spot for the bulldogs of Fresno State.

  1. Vincenzo Joseph (Penn State) [1]
  2. Alex Marinelli (Iowa) [2]
  3. David McFadden (Virginia Tech) [6]
  4. Evan Wick (Wisconsin) [3]
  5. Josh Shields (Arizona State) [4]
  6. Isaiah White (Nebraska) [5]
  7. Shane Griffith (Stanford) [7]
  8. Ethan Smith (Ohio State) [8]
  9. Kennedy Monday (North Carolina) [16]
  10. Tanner Skidgel (Navy) [14]
  11. Travis Wittlake (OK State) [17]
  12. Thomas Bullard (NC State) [9]
  13. Jake Wentzel (Pittsburgh) [11]
  14. Quentin Perez (Campbell) [15]
  15. Andrew Fogarty (ND State) [10]
  16. Danny Braunagel (Illinois) [26]
  17. Phillip Conigliario (Harvard) [24]
  18. Zach Hartman (Bucknell) [12]
  19. Cael McCormick (Army) [13]
  20. Ebed Jarrell (Drexel) [18]
  21. Troy Keller (Buffalo) [19]
  22. Bailee O’Reiley (Minnesota) [30]
  23. Tanner Cook (SD State) [NR]
  24. Luke Fortuna or Peyton Mocco (Missouri) [28]
  25. Drew Hughes (Michigan State) [27]
  26. Emil Soehnlen (Purdue) [21]
  27. Dazjon Casto (The Citadel) [31]
  28. Randy Meneweather II (Air Force) [29]
  29. Cole Moody or Casey Randles (Wyoming) [32]
  30. Bernie Truax (Cal Poly) [NR]
  31. Izzak Olejnik (Northern Ill.) [NR]
  32. Shayne Oster (Northwestern) [23]
  33. Chase Straw (Iowa State) [22]

Wrestler’s name (team) [previous ranking].

174 Pound Rankings - NCAA Division One

New Comers:

Joe-Joe Smith reenters the lineup, although he is still sharing time with Andrew Shomers. John Smith’s son did just beat a very solid Sammy Colbray (Iowa State), though.

Sammy Colbray makes the cut from 184. He started from the top and now he’s here (was 285 as a freshman). His abilities are well enough to be ranked 11th right away.

Jacob Oliver has beaten Neal Richards, Dean Sherry, and Gregg Harvey. His bad losses previously held him back, but I must release this animal into the wilderness that is the rankings-world.

Clay Lautt beat Ben Harvey and Kevin Parker in some dual action.

Andrew McNally has now beaten Daniel Bullard, Phil Spadafora, and Jeremiah Kent.


Joe Grello (Rutgers) [12] is hurt but I hope he recovers soon. Just because I’m a nice guy.

Marcus Coleman (Iowa State) [15] moves up to 184 as Colbray takes over down here. 

Sage Heller (Hofstra) [32] and Billy Higgins (Northern Colorado) [33] are both forced out due to the newcomers. Neither really took bad losses, but that’s just how it has to be for now.

  1. Mark Hall (Penn State) [1]
  2. Jordan Kutler (Lehigh) [2]
  3. Michael Kemerer (Iowa) [3]
  4. Dylan Lydy (Purdue) [4]
  5. Bryce Steiert (Northern Iowa) [5]
  6. Mikey Labriola (Nebraska) [6]
  7. Kaleb Romero (Ohio State) [9]
  8. Devin Skatzka (Minnesota) [7]
  9. Anthony Valencia (Arizona State) [8]
  10. Joe Smith or Andrew Shomers (OK State) [NR/29]
  11. Sammy Colbray (Iowa State) [9 @ 184]
  12. Kimball Bastian (Utah Valley) [13]
  13. Hayden Hastings (Wyoming) [14]
  14. Joey Gunther (Illinois) [10]
  15. Ben Harvey (Army) [17]
  16. Anthony Mantanona (Oklahoma) [21]
  17. Jacob Covaciu (Indiana) [16]
  18. Daniel Bullard (NC State) [19]
  19. Jackson Hemauer (Fresno State) [18]
  20. Brandon Womack (Cornell) [20]
  21. Spencer Carey (Navy) [28]
  22. Layne Malczewski (Michigan State) [30]
  23. Jacob Oliver (Edinboro) [NR]
  24. Gregg Harvey (Pittsburgh) [22]
  25. Mason Eaglin (Duke) [24]
  26. Neal Richards (VMI) [25]
  27. Dean Sherry (Rider) [27]
  28. Tyler Morland (Northwestern) [31]
  29. Clay Lautt (North Carolina) [NR]
  30. Andrew McNally (Kent State) [NR]
  31. Phil Spadafora (Maryland) [23]
  32. Conner Flynn or Jeremiah Kent (Missouri) [11]
  33. Kevin Parker (Princeton) [26]

Wrestler’s name (team) [previous ranking].

184 Pound Rankings - NCAA Division One

New Comers:

Abe Assad has his redshirt pulled despite having two other solid Hawks in front of him: Nelson Brands and Cash Wilcke. Abe-riel Assad has already beaten a very good Taylor Venz, Rocky Jordan, Max Lyon, Zach Braunagel, Travis Stefanik, Tanner Harvey, and more. 

Billy Janzer emerges, beating Max Lyon, Rocky Jordan, Cam Caffey, and Jonathan Loew. I really, really like what I see with him.

Rocky Jordan bumps up to 184 pounds for the Buckeyes in what appears his only option to start with Kaleb Romero holding down 174. He has beaten Zach Braunagel as well as a tough Jack Jessen of Northwestern. 

Jonathan Loew is another person who has cut down in weight categories. The ex-197 pounder has already beaten Chris Weiler, Tate Samuelson, and Dylan Wisman since the move down. Loew has been one of my favorite wrestlers that has seemingly come from nowhere this year. The guy is legit, my friends… and only a freshman.

Marcus Coleman moves up from 174 and is still adjusting against his heavier foes. 


Colt Doyle (Oregon State) [32] has lost to David Key (Navy), Alan Clothier (of note, Doyle is 1-2 vs. Clothier this year), and Tate Samuelson. In a loaded weight class, there simply isn’t enough room for him at the moment. 

George Walton (Rider) [24] lost to Cody Mulligan (Edinboro) and Kyle Jasenski (Maryland). 

Ben Darmstadt (Cornell) [7] has moved up to 197.

Sammy Colbray (Iowa State) [9] has moved down to 174.

Cash Wilcke (Iowa) [10] is momentarily yet possibly permanently relieved by Abe Assad.

  1. Zahid Valencia (Arizona State) [1]
  2. Trent Hidlay (NC State) [2]
  3. Hunter Bolen (Virginia Tech) [3]
  4. Taylor Lujan (Northern Iowa) [4]
  5. Taylor Venz (Nebraska) [5]
  6. Louie DePrez (Binghamton) [6]
  7. Abe Assad (Iowa) [NR]
  8. Aaron Brooks (Penn State) [11]
  9. Nino Bonaccorsi (Pittsburgh) [8]
  10. Zach Carlson (SD State) [22]
  11. Trevor Allard (Bloomsburg) [14]
  12. Zach Braunagel (Illinois) [33]
  13. Jelani Embree (Michigan) [17]
  14. Cameron Caffey (Michigan State) [19]
  15. Anthony Montalvo (OK State) [27]
  16. Chris Weiler (Lehigh) [16]
  17. Owen Webster (Minnesota) [23]
  18. Johnny Sebastian (Wisconsin) [13]
  19. Billy Janzer (Rutgers) [NR]
  20. Rocky Jordan (Ohio State) [NR]
  21. Andrew Morgan (Campbell) [20]
  22. Noah Stewart (Army) [12]
  23. Jonathan Loew (Cornell) [#30 @ 197]
  24. Travis Stefanik (Princeton) [26]
  25. Matt Waddell (Chattanooga) [28]
  26. Max Lyon (Purdue) [18]
  27. Tanner Harvey (American) [15]
  28. Marcus Coleman (Iowa State) [#15 @ 174]
  29. Dylan Wisman or Canten Marriott (Missouri) [29]
  30. Brit Wilson (Northern Illinois) [25]
  31. Corey Hazel (Lock Haven) [21]
  32. Alan Clothier (Northern Colorado) [30]
  33. Tate Samuelson (Wyoming) [31]

Wrestler’s name (team) [previous ranking].

197 Pound Rankings - NCAA Division One

New Comers:

Shakur Rasheed is BACK and up at 197. He has only beaten Jordan Pagano so far, but I do think he belongs where I ranked him.

Ben Darmstadt bumped up from 184 and has beaten Tanner Sloan, Stephan Buchanan, Wyatt Koelling, and Jake Jakobsen. 

Jacob Holschlag is back from injury, although maybe a little rusty. He lost to Clothier in his first match back, but I know how capable he truly is. 

Stephan Buchanan has his redshirt pulled after Cale Davidson’s recent transfer to Nebraska. He is no joke. He has beaten Tanner Orndorff, Alex Hopkins, and Cordell Eaton as well as the always tough Dom Ducharme (Cal State Bakersfield) and Brandon Whitman (North Carolina). 

Jake Koser is somebody else who has really impressed me lately. He has beaten Jake Jakobsen and the solid Drew Phipps of Bucknell and has 4 solid techs on the year. 

Cordell Eaton has been patient and is finally ranked. He has actually beaten Koser, as well as Ducharme and a dangerous Rodney Jones of Tennessee-Chattanooga.


Drew Phipps (Bucknell) [28]: has lost to Koser, Colin McCracken (Kent State) and Jake Walker (Ohio).

Landon Pelham (Central Michigan) [29]: lost to Koelling, Whitman, and Jackson Striggow. Truthfully, what pushed him out is Eaton’s win over Koser. I have Pelham at #34 currently but I expect him back in the top 33 soon. 

Jonathan Loew (Cornell) [30]: moved down to 184.

Kyle Conel (Penn State) [24]: his career has seemingly come to an end. Thanks for everything, Kyle Conel. You will always be remembered for your heroics, on and off the mat. We love you, always and forever.

Jaron Smith (Maryland) [25]: lost to McCracken, Nick May (Michigan State) and Tim Young (Old Dominion).

Sam Schuyler (Buffalo) [33]: lost to McCracken and Ben Smith (Cleveland State).

  1. Kollin Moore (Ohio State) [1]
  2. Pat Brucki (Princeton) [3]
  3. Jacob Warner (Iowa) [2]
  4. Christian Brunner (Purdue) [8]
  5. Eric Schultz (Nebraska) [10]
  6. Lucas Davison (Northwestern) [19]
  7. Shakur Rasheed (Penn State) [NR]
  8. Noah Adams (West Virginia) [16]
  9. Nathan Traxler (Stanford) [6]
  10. Jay Aiello (Virginia) [15]
  11. Ethan Laird (Rider) [17]
  12. Dakota Geer (OK State) [4]
  13. Tanner Sloan (SD State) [14]
  14. Jake Woodley (Oklahoma) [9]
  15. Ben Darmsdadt (Cornell) [#7 @ 184]
  16. Kordell Norfleet (Arizona State) [11]
  17. Thomas Lane (Cal Poly) [7]
  18. Nick Reenan (NC State) [5]
  19. Greg Bulsak (Clarion) [12]
  20. Jordan Pagano (Rutgers) [18]
  21. Jacob Holschlag (Northern Iowa) [NR]
  22. Jacob Seely (Northern Colorado) [20]
  23. Stephen Buchanan (Wyoming) [NR]
  24. Tanner Orndorff (Utah Valley) [13]
  25. Alex Hopkins or JT Brown (Army) [22]
  26. Jackson Striggow (Michigan) [23]
  27. Hunter Ritter (Minnesota) [27]
  28. Jake Koser (Navy) [NR]
  29. Jake Jakobsen (Lehigh) [21]
  30. Wyatt Koelling (Missouri) [26]
  31. Gage Braun (Northern Illinois) [32]
  32. Joel Shapiro (Iowa State) [31]
  33. Cordell Eaton (North Dakota State) [NR]

Wrestler’s name (team) [previous ranking].

285 Pound Rankings - NCAA Division One

New Number One:

King Cassar’s exit slides Gable Steveson to the number one spot. 


New Comers:

Seth Nevills takes over for Cassar while he takes some longer-termed injury time. Nevills beat Christian Lance of Nebraska in his awakening.

Gas Tank freaking Gary (Traub). He too takes over for an injured man, this time Chase Singletary. Traub is making the most of his time, as he has earned an amazing nickname and thus become a celebrity with the way he wrestles. He has beaten Brendan Furman as well as contenders Matt Correnti (Rutgers) and Luke Luffman (Illinois).

Deonte Wilson has beaten Quinn Miller, Brandon Ngati, Ryan Cloud, Furman, Ty Bagoly, and ex-ranked Christopher Beck (VMI). That’s a lot of solid wins.

Ty Bagoly beat a very good Thomas Penola as well as Beck, amongst others. 

Ryan Cloud has beaten three ex-ranked in Joe Doyle (Binghamton), Kayne Hutchinson (Air Force), and Bobby Steveson (Minnesota). He earns the last spot of 285.


Anthony Cassar (Penn State) [1] might get yet another Medical Redshirt. This man may be 30 by the time he graduates college. 

Chase Singletary (Ohio State) [6] is hurt and not currently competing, as well, but I think he is going to in fact be back this year, but only time will tell.

Colton McKiernan (Southern Illinois-Edwardsville) [24] lost to Jordan Earnest (Ohio) and Jack DelGarbino (Northwestern).

Christopher Beck (VMI) [29] has lost to Patrick Irwin (Coast Guard), John Birchmeier (Navy), and Collin Kelly (Cleveland State) twice. 

Joe Doyle (Binghamton) [33] lost to Ben Goldin (Penn) and Ryan Cloud (Rider). He is pushed out of the rankings by a Cloud. 

* The lower part of 285 is notably crazy. There are about 10 other guys who legit  have a case to be ranked… It will be extremely interesting to see who qualifies in March for the largest dance of them all.

  1. Gable Steveson (Minnesota) [2]
  2. Mason Parris (Michigan) [3]
  3. Anthony Cassioppi (Iowa) [4]
  4. Tanner Hall (Arizona State) [5]
  5. Matt Stencel (Central Michigan) [13]
  6. Trent Hillger (Wisconsin) [8]
  7. Tate Orndorff (Utah Valley) [9]
  8. Demetrius Thomas (Pittsburgh) [7]
  9. Nick Nevills (Penn State) [NR]
  10. Jordan Wood (Lehigh) [10]
  11. Yaraslau Slavilouski (Harvard) [22]
  12. Jere Heino (Campbell) [11]
  13. Josh Hokit (Fresno State) [12]
  14. Gannon Gremmel (Iowa State) [14]
  15. Carter Isley (Northern Iowa) [15]
  16. Christian Lance (Nebraska) [16]
  17. John Borst (Virginia Tech) [17]
  18. Cary Miller (Appalachian State) [18]
  19. Dalton Robertson (Northern Colorado) [26]
  20. Ben Sullivan (Army) [27]
  21. Brian Andrews (Wyoming) [19]
  22. Brandon Metz (ND State) [20]
  23. Thomas Penola (Purdue) [23]
  24. “Gas Tank” Gary Traub (Ohio State) [NR]
  25. Deonte Wilson (NC State) [NR]
  26. Quinn Miller (Virginia) [21]
  27. Zach Schrader (Cal Baptist) [28]
  28. Andrew Gunning (North Carolina) [25]
  29. Brandon Ngati (West Virginia) [30]
  30. Jon Spaulding (Edinboro) [31]
  31. Ty Bagoly (Clarion) [NR]
  32. Brendan Furman (Cornell) [32]
  33. Ryan Cloud (Rider) [NR]

Wrestler’s name (team) [previous ranking].

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